Too busy to comb your hair before leaving the house? Never mind putting on make up or even lipstick! I’ve been there! You’re overwhelmed, it takes everything you have just to keep it together, you know you aren’t looking you’re best (or even close to that), and the lack of personal care doesn’t help, does it? Just makes you feel even worse because you know you look like crap. Don’t worry momma, I’ve got something for you!




I am not a lipstick person. At all. No joke. Come check my house, you won’t find any lipstick. Maybe Burt’s Beeswax and some other chap stick, but no lipstick. BUT, when I heard about LipSense, I knew I had to try it. It looked awesome and, most importantly for me, seemed so easy and low maintenance and stayed on all day. And honestly, IT IS! So I hear you, when you say you don’t have time for this, but honestly, it is so quick to put on and I promise you, YOU WILL feel better!

Get your LipSense from Confessions of a Lipaholic by Meagan for 10% off for a limited time (see details below). Find her on Instagram @confessionsofalipaholicsask or Facebook HERE.


Even if your hair is a mess, your make up doesn’t get done, just slap on some LipSense and you will feel better! Maybe that’s just the extra little confidence booster you need to get through another hectic day. And who cares if you are just going to the grocery store, it’s important for you to feel good momma!

See, hair is a mess, but lips are on point. Ready to conquer the day!

The colour shown in these photos is Praline Rose. I love it because it doesn’t scream bright red lip stick. It’s perfect for the everyday mom who just wants a natural look. The first day I wore it to work and didn’t touch it up until after work and it still looked great! I definitely could have touched it up sooner, but it still looked fine for as long as I left it. And by touch up, all I mean is re-applying the gloss. YES, it’s that easy! Meagan is also super helpful in picking a colour that is perfect for you!

This is the starter pack. A colour, gloss and remover. If you order through Meagan, she also includes a lovely handmade lip scrub with it. You can even mix and match colours when you apply them for different looks. If you book a party with Meagan she also offers more discounts!


So next time you’re feeling overwhelmed and feel like crap, take a second, just breathe, then apply your LipSense and seriously, its magic; you will feel better! 

Take time for yourself, it is always well spent time! Contact Megan, let her know Sew Bright sent you and you’ll receive 10% off your LipSense Starter Collection or individual colours and glosses! But don’t wait, offer is limited, valid until June 25th only! Find her on Instagram @confessionsofalipaholicsask or Facebook HERE.

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