Welome to my blog! Thought I would share a bit about my business and how I got here. When my daughter was few months old I found myself wanting to sew more things for her (I made a lot of stuff before she was born), but I was running out of ideas. Really, there are only so many things a three month old needs! So I started sewing for friends and family, which led to the opening of my Etsy Shop – Sew Bright Baby. I’m not even sure how I came up with the name. I knew I liked “sew bright,” then it was a matter of finding something that wasn’t already taken in Etsy! There is more about my name change later in this post. Also, click here to read more about my shop/studio space and how I took over the “Man Cave” on Etsy.




This sign is in my “cave.” My husband made it for me…definitely something we saw on Pinterest thanks to my mother in law 🙂

The most recent addition to my cave is my fabric shelf. It is beautiful! Sometimes in the evening when I’m in my cave and done sewing for the night, I stare at my beautiful fabric and imagine all the things I could make…haha yes, if you know me you will know this is very true. My husband made it for me out of cedar, he even finished the edges with a router and stained it my favourite colour; turquoise. You will notice I have a *slight* obsession with that colour… It’s beautiful though, isn’t it?!




I made the top left shirt using the Bohemian Babydoll pattern by Elegance and Elephants and the top left I made using the Ishi dress pattern by Straight Grain Patterns. I’m so in love with the Ishi dress…I’ll post more photos in my next blog post. Fabric from both is Cotton + Steel.




A close up of some of my new lovely fabric. I’ve been trying to buy more fabric in Canada and have recently been shopping at Funky Monkey Fabrics. If you love to sew you should check out her shop. It is awesome, she has great prices and sales every Monday! Who doesn’t love a sale 🙂

Okay, so now for my name. I do love the name Sew Bright Baby, however with attempts to continue expanding and including more items for older kids I have changed it to Sew Bright Creations. In Etsy it will remain the same…Sew Bright Baby. Hopefully it’s not confusing…just remember Sew Bright, handmade in Canada and I’m sure you’ll find me.

My beautiful and talented niece, Skyler Panzcak made my logo come to life; Thank you Skyler! You can check out her other amazing art work on Instagram @skyler_jd.

black logo

I keep telling myself I won’t be taking any new projects on, then I thought, oh but I should start a website/blog, that can’t be too hard. This is now my 5th attempt and I even ended up buying a new macbook… Many more hours have been put into this than I ever thought it would take just to get this far, it still isn’t how I imagined, but it works. I now understand why people pay a lot of money to get professionals to make websites! Perhaps one day, but I’m just small potatoes over here, so for now, this is it!

I would love to here from you, let me know what you think, what items/fabric  you like or would like to see. I order new fabric all the time, so let me know if there is something specific you love.