As soon as I saw a photo of these play tents I knew we had to make one for our daughter for Christmas. Yes last Christmas….I am only a few months behind on my blogging….

I’ll go through how I made this tent as well as detailed instructions and a shop recommendation on where to purchase play tents at the end of this post.

I found this fabric at a local fabric shop. I can’t remember the specific type, but it was in the outdoor fabric section and it’s some sort of lighter canvas. You could also use a heavier cotton. It was a bit challenging cutting it because I am not used to working with such large sized pieces, but luckily I had help 🙂




Before sewing it together I serged all seams to keep it from fraying. I also used fray check on all stitching just to give it extra durability to make sure it holds up from toddler abuse!




And we can’t forget about pom poms! Every little girls favourite thing 😉



The poles were purchased from Lowes. My husband gave them a quick sand, drilled holes through for the string and they were ready to use.

Here it is! All set up Christmas morning.


Our girl loves playing hide and seek in it, especially with our puppy, who also loves the play tent!





This tent is so awesome and I have a feeling it will be around for a while! If you would like to make your own, I recommend checking out The DIY Mommy’s tutorial here. We used it and found it easy to follow along.

I am also totally in love with Ashley Gabby Designs who makes and sells play tents. She is based out of Winnipeg and her tents look amazing!!

*I am not associated with either of the above links, just one momma giving another momma tips.*

I’m always looking for fun new toy/play ideas, does your toddler have any favourites?