When it rains, it pours! Why is it that those “pinterest perfect” photoshoots and activities run so much soother in your head…you have that same problem too? My gal Jaylene, over at Mobius Threads, came over for a fun photoshoot outside with our girls. It was such a beautiful sunny day until the thunderstorm rolled in… BUT that wasn’t stopping us crazy moms, PLUS I’m from the coast, we don’t stop in the rain! So out came the rubber boots and umbrellas and our girls looked at us like we REALLY were crazy, but we all had fun! The hot chocolate at the end may have or may not have played a part in how well they listened 😉

We first started out inside. I am working on re-doing my toddler’s new room (more photos to come one day) and it is perfect for taking photos inside. These headbands are the Mini Mobius by Mobius Threads.

Jaylene warned me that her mini wasn’t into taking photos, but we all know, that our kids an angels with other people, right?! See, look how sweet they are!

Taking a break for play time. And THAT hair…lol

We managed to get a few outside before the rain hit!

On came the dresses and out came the rain! Dresses and hats by Sew Bright Creations.

And back to the house! Love the look on Jaylene’s face in the background 😉

What are your favourite rainy day activities?