Although it may not always last as long as I would like, art is one of my favourite things to do with my toddler. The other day I decided to enjoy some art time while my girl was painting up a storm. Literally!

I don’t know about you, but I’m very good at starting projects and maybe not quite as good as finishing them! This is another one of those…You know, those Pinterest inspired favourites that look so easy and cute that you buy the supplies for, but never put it into action…? Yes, those!

The supplies for this art display board are simple:

  1. Vinyl Stencil for painting over from Deerly Crafts (click HERE to purchase)
  2. Acrylic paints & brushes (I purchased mine from Dollarama)
  3. Board or painting surface and sand paper
  4. Mod Podge
  5. Clothes pins, string & hooks for hanging on wall

I was so focused myself (and on a mission) that I forgot to take photos along the way! The instructions are simple:

  1. Prepare (cut and sand if needed) board of desired size
  2. Paint board, let dry.
  3. Apply mod podge to the painted board if the surface is rough. This will allow the stencil to go on easier and prevent the paint from bleeding. Let dry.
  4. Apply stencil on the board. When removing backing, remove slowly and evenly and at 90 degree angles.
  5. Paint desired colours over stencil.
  6. Remove stencil. Be careful to remove slowly and evenly while the paint is still wet.
  7. Touch up any letters with a paint brush, if required.
  8. Once dry, apply string with clothes pins across the bottom and hooks on the back for securing to the wall
  9. Hang on the wall and fill it with art work!

This project is definitely do-able in one nap!


Now, as much as I love my daughter and her art work, I have to admit, I may have put the display board, in an area off the kitchen that is maybe not that commonly travelled…BUT it is still on display! #meanmom?



Great, so now I have this beautiful display board, for amazing art work….now how long am I supposed to keep this art work?! Do I put it all on display? Rotate it and kindly “recycle” the old stuff as new masterpieces are created? Do I save it all for when she’s an adult, like how my mother is now giving me all my amazing art work back that I have always wanted? Do you give it away?

Let’s hear what you do!

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