Are you a busy mom who loves to craft, but struggle to find the time? I have just the solution for you – block kits by Uppercase Living. These kits provide everything you need to quickly make new decor for your home. Although the kits include everything you need, I love that you can also add a personal touch by painting them.

Follow along my very easy and quick steps to make your own today! These are also great gift ideas if you love to add a little personal touch to your gift giving.


What you’ll need:

  • Block kit by Uppercase Living. Purchase the Christmas one HERE or the “I am thankful” one HERE.
  • Additional expression by Uppercase Living for the reverse side (Note: I used the “I am thankful” one as the extra expression and got it on one of the daily deals. Make sure to follow along Tiffany’s Facebook page for daily deals!
  • Sandpaper (only if you are going to paint)
  • Scissors
  • Paint (I used chalk paint)
  • Spray glitter (optional)
  • Plastic card (optional)
  • Paint brush (for painting only)
  • Damp paper towel (for painting only)

1. If you do not want to paint your blocks then proceed to step 3. To prep the painting surface, give it a quick sand with very fine sand paper. This helps the paint stick better. Make sure to wipe the surface clean after sanding.

2. Paint the surface of the side you’d like to colour, or the whole block. This is where you can add your personal touch. I chose chalk paint that we used to also paint our TV room coffee and side tables. I wiped the edges of the blocks with a damp paper towel to remove any paint. If you wanted you could put painters tape around the edges; that’s not really my style.

I’m even wearing my Sew Bright Adult Colouring Apron 🙂

Side Note: See those finger paint marks on the table – that’s my “helper!”

3. Once the paint is completely dry (I left mine overnight because, well #momlife), you are ready to apply the vinyl. This part is very easy, just make sure to remove the backing (the thicker piece, with the lines on the back) slowly and at an even angle. You’ll know if you are going too fast! Then place it on the surface and rub it smooth. This is where I used my Costco card. It worked great. You can also use your fingers, or finger nail if you have decent ones to smooth over the surface. Then peel the top off, again slowly and at an even angle. Give it one more smooth over with your fingers and you are done!

Tip: When applying the vinyl, use the guide marks to line up the expressions. I used them and also winged it a bit. You can see the diamonds on the photo to the right. These overlapped from the two pieces and were removed after. Some people choose to measure exactly before applying too.

Now repeat with the other side!

After I was done the Christmas one I decided it needed a little glitter. You know when you should just leave something as is and not do that extra step that just ruins it? Yeah, that’s how I feel about the glitter addition….I sprayed the glitter on, then wiped it off and sprayed again, but then ran out and it had already started to dry. I should have left it as is…. I may have had a “moment” here, but thats OK! Tell me it’s OK!

Here are the final photos of my lovely new quick & easy DIY home decor!! Remember to visit Tiffany Possberg’s Uppercase Living Facebook page and website and tell her Sew Bright sent you!

Yes, Christmas decorations are early at our house this year! But why the heck not! These colouring stockings are available in my Etsy shop HERE.

Stockings that you colour make an awesome Christmas Eve activity for the whole family. There are only a limited amount available this year!

This post is sponsored by Tiffany Possberg – Uppercase Living Independent Demonstrator, however the opinions, photos and instructions are of my own. I hope you enjoy!