You know that moment you book a trip and you’re so excited to be going somewhere, then you remember you will be traveling with a toddler. Don’t worry! Today I’m sharing a few of our tips to hopefully making your travels just a little easier!

Our daughter is 2 and we have traveled thousands of km’s in the vehicle and a couple air plane adventures including one to Cuba and one where I was by myself when she was 6 months and I also had our dog with us. I may have had a mini panic attack the day before leaving, BUT thanks to WestJet and my friends on either end, it wasn’t as terrible as I had anticipated. If you are traveling by yourself by plane, I recommend phoning the airline ahead of time, they will help you out. Let them help you!

Recently we traveled over 3500 km at Christmas, from the prairies to the mountains in the middle of winter and although it was not a dream, it really wasn’t that bad because we planned for it! Here are some tips to help you plan your travels.


8 Tips for Traveling with a Toddler


1. Bring snacks.

Even if you plan to stop, don’t leave home without snacks and water! And make sure the snacks aren’t ones that get all over the place!! Trail mix was one of our favourites. Yes, the peanuts and raisins do fall in the seat, but they are easier to clean up than cracker crumbs or wet messes. We placed a change pad over top of our daughter when she was eating in her car seat. This helped a lot at clean up. We also stopped at grocery stores to pick up lunch and snacks along the way instead of opting for fast food. The snacks really came in handy when we were stopped for over 2 hours in the middle of nowhere because of an accident. These things unfortunately happen, so make sure you are prepared.

This mix is one of our favourites!

2. Busy Book

Be prepared with many different activities. Our new favourite this trip was Deerly Crafts Quiet Busy Book. It was absolutely amazing. Quiet, no mess and my daughter loved playing with it. Check out Deerly Crafts on Etsy HERE. Who knew traveling with a toddler could even be quiet (at times)!

3. Colouring!

But this colouring is something else. NO MESS! No more colouring on their hands and faces. These invisible markers only show up in the colouring book. This one was a big hit!

4. Magna Doodle

Old faithful. Magna Doodle. We picked one of these up from our local buy and sell and have definitely gotten our 5 bucks out of it! The best part is that the drawing pen is attached to the board. This is ideal for traveling.

5. Dollar Store Toys

NEW (and cheap) Dollar Store toys! These were perfect when we flew to Cuba. Every once in a while I would bring out an Exciting New Toy, courtesy of the Dollar Store. These bath toy finger puppets were such at hit and they are even washable, which was particularly handy for traveling with a toddler aboard.

6. Screen Time

Every good plan needs a back up, right?! Our back up plan was the iPad. When all else failed (and we needed a break) the iPad did the trick. We tried to limit the iPad time for several reasons, but one being that the less she was stimulated in her car seat, the worst off we were when we finally did arrive to our destination. BUT as a parent, we all know that you do whatever it takes to get through the moment. And sometimes that was watching the iPad.

7. Carrier

TULA time! Once you get to your destination or travelling in an airport, our Tula was a must! Even though she’s 2, we still carry her! Yes, say what you will, but seriously, it has saved me so many times. Definitely recommend checking our Tula Baby Carriers, or finding another one that works for you.

8. Bibs

Best for last. All travel calls for handy bibs. Look no further than Sew Bright Bandana Bibs. And no, these bibs are not just for drooling babies! They have two adjustable snaps to fit a range of ages, typically 4 months to age 2. Even at 2 and a bit, my daughter still has room in them. They have baby terry cloth on the back which make them absorbent (and soft) for both baby drool, drinks and other liquid foods or ice-cream! They are small, which is perfect for travel, come in many different patterns for boys and girls and are completely machine washable. Did I mention they also look adorable? Whether it is eating in the car seat, or eating/drinking anywhere on the go, these bibs really are a must. I always have one in my purse. It is simple really, save a shirt, buy a bib 🙂 Shop HERE.

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