Tired of doing laundry? Changing shirts and onesies? Cleaning up mess after mess? You know that feeling when you actually got yourself and your little one in something half decent and are actually leaving the house just to be changing their clothes minutes later because there is spit up or who knows what else ALL OVER their clothes AGAIN. Yeah, I know. We’ve all been there….

The answer is simple. SAVE A SHIRT > BUY A BIB. And by bib, I mean a Sew Bright Bandana Bib 😉 Here are my fun 10 reasons why your littles need Sew Bright Bibs.

#1 DROOL! Let’s get one thing straight. These bibs were designed for drooly babies! BUT, I promise you, they are so much more than that as you will soon see! The backing on the bibs are very soft, baby style terry cloth, which makes the bibs extra absorbent, yet they dry quickly. They are designed to fit tight to the chin to collect all the drool before getting into the double, triple chins your littles may have 🙂

You know that drool that never stops when your little is in the jolly jumper or exersaucer? Yes, Sew Bright Bibs are perfect for those fun activities too!

This is the reason I designed these bibs. My daughter was very drooly and started getting a terrible rash under the chin. I could not keep all that liquid out of there! These bibs were the best thing for us! They helped to keep her clothes dry and prevent drool from collecting in her chin rolls.

#2 BOTTLE FEEDING Although I don’t have any photos, I can guarantee these bibs are very practical for bottle feeding. They catch spillage and spit up and are easy to put on/take off and wash!

#3 THEY AREN’T JUST FOR BABIES! See these two cuties? They are sisters, wearing the same bib! Sew Bright Bibs fit both babies and toddlers. The recommended size is for ages 4 months to age 2; however they fit past 2 for many little ones. All bibs have two snap settings on the back, making them adjustable to fit this wide age range. Isn’t it nice to finally have something for your baby that lasts longer than a month?!

#4 KEEP YOUR LITTLES WARM! Bibs can also be used to keep your littles warm while they play outside. The snaps on the back make it easier to put on after their warm gear.

#5 MESSY FOOD! Bubblegum ice-cream didn’t even stain this bib! Remember, Save a shirt, Buy a bib! Or sometimes, it’s just a matter of reducing the clean up when no shirt is worn 😉 All bibs are made with pre-washed fabric so machine wash and dry is no problem.

#6 PRETEND PLAY! Why not wear a bib for pretend play or dress up! This girl had so much fun playing with her pretend fire and s’more set made by Sew Crafty Creations. Read more HERE. And that Star Wars Fan – nothing compares!

#7 RODEO! When you heard the term “Bandana Bib,” I bet you were thinking about a rodeo? Well, why not?! Check out these cuties in their Sew Bright Rodeo Bibs. Bib fabric options are continually changing. If there is something you like, but don’t see in my Etsy shop, just shoot me a message. I may still have a bit of fabric left over.

#8 FASHION! I love Sew Bright Bibs because they are functional and very practical, however, let’s not forget how fashionable they are! Nothing like a practical and stylish accessory for your little.

#9 FUR BABIES! And don’t forget about those pups! If you ask me on the right day 😉 I just may make a special order for your pup!

#10 WEDDINGS! No more slopping on that ugly bib when your little is dressed to the 9’s at a wedding. Sew Bright Wedding Bibs are the perfect pretty accessory to add to that special dress. Available in ivory, white or pink lace.

A couple more favs! Don’t forget to enter Sew Bright’s annual photo contest – submission deadline is today! Jan 22, but the end of the day. Email submissions to sewbrightcreations@gmail.com or message directly on Facebook.

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