I DID IT ALL FOR THE COOKIE. When I first saw this shirt I laughed out loud and thought, isn’t this the truth. Then a moment of reality hit me and I thought, but isn’t this terrible? Do you reward your child with sugar loaded treats for good behaviour? Does this make sense? I mean, I do this with my dog, if you sit you get a treat, but is this acceptable for children?

Don’t get me wrong, I will be the first to admit that I do this. I recently went live on Facebook with my daughter. I have only done this when my husband is home and he is always standing by just incase. After all, toddlers can be completely unpredictable! Well, my husband was not home this time so you can guarantee there was a treat involved to encourage my 2 1/2 yr old to behave during the video. If you haven’t seen it, click HERE to watch (it is the pinned post on Sew Bright’s Facebook Page). And even when you think they aren’t listening, they will remember you promised a treat.

Although I hate to admit that I bribe my child with treats, I try to limit is as much as possible. But you know when you’re out in public and it’s taking every ounce of patience out of you to just keep it together, thats when you just do whatever it takes. No matter how awesome you think your child is, we ALL have those days, so until my daughter realizes that trail mix, granola bars and apple juice are not what I would classify as a “treat”, I will continue to do this!

What other methods do you use to encourage and reward positive behaviour in your children?

But look at that face! She was SOOO excited when I told her she could pick out her own treat at Crave! We had so much fun taking photos with this amazing shirt from The Sweet Life Apparel & Gifts. Not to mention, this is seriously the coziest sweatshirt ever. They even make them in adult size! My daughter is almost 2 1/2 years old and is wearing size 2T. She normally wears size 2 or 3T (for length) and this one definitely has room for growing. It is super soft inside and I love that there is no hood. Aren’t hoods annoying for little ones when you have a jacket over top and are putting them in the car seat? I’m always on the hunt for shirts without hoods. The Sweet Life is run by one hard working momma in Vancouver, BC. Make sure to send this shop some love and tell them that Sew Bright sent you!
Complete outfit details (click for direct links).

Polka Dot Bandana Bib by Sew Bright Creations.

Sweatshirt by The Sweet Life Apparel & Gifts.

Pants by CaliKids, purchased from The Wooden Mallard in Smithers, BC.

Boots by JadyBabys.

Being silly! Thank you to the wonderful staff at Crave in Saskatoon for allowing us to take photos! All the treats were delicious!
Because it was absolutely beautiful when we got home we took some more photos puddle jumping! #letthembelittle

This post is sponsored in part by The Sweet Life Apparel, but the opinions and photos are of Sew Bright Creation’s. Want to collaborate? Email me at sewbrightcreations@gmail.com. 

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