I was inspired by Starbucks and the DIY Mommy to create my own Unicorn drink. We opted for the healthier option and went with a smoothie!

Make sure to check out The DIY Mommy for her delicious looking Unicorn Milkshake!

Watch our fun video!!

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This girl absolutely loved it! Fun, easy, delicious and full of fruit! There are just a few of these Sew Bright Unicorn Bibs left. Click HERE to get yours. It is also available with a Pom Pom Trim. Or better yet, get the matching Unicorn Bib and Headband HERE.

Also available is one dress left in the Unicorn print, click HERE.

Unicorn Smoothie Recipe

1. In blender mix together raspberries, yogurt and milk. Fill half of cup, set the rest aside. Rinse blender.

2. In blender mix together blueberries, yogurt and milk. Fill the rest of your cup, set the rest aside.

3. Top with whip cream and sprinkles.

4. Repeat with the rest of the smoothie mix & ENJOY!

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