Remember grass heads? With spring in the air, I have been looking for toddler friendly garden/planting things to do. We decided to dress up our grass head has a Troll, but you could find lots of other characters or animals to make too. Check out the video below to see how we made our grass head.
The supplies are simple. Grass seed, a few rocks, soil, container, and construction paper/markers/tape to decorate. Water as required and place in an area with lots of light. It doesn’t take long to see growth!


1. Place a few rocks in a container. Fill soil to close to the top. 

2. Add grass seed (maybe not quite this much…). Lightly cover with soil. Water. 
3. Decorate to look like your favourite Troll.

Be careful when watering not to spill water all over it (like I did…which is why the end one looks a bit different).

These cousins had the best time making their own Troll heads!
It only took a couple weeks to grow this high!!
My little Troll and her Troll Head! If you love our video, please share and comment below <3

Make sure to check back the next two Sundays for more DIY gardening projects!

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