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Finding a safe and loving environment for your baby can be one of the most stressful things when returning back to work. It was for me. With limited options in a small town, I didn’t know what to do. I had always thought a home daycare would be more personal and I had pictured that’s what we would choose. When my daughter was just a year that was what we had to choose, it was our only option at that age as the daycare centre nearby only accepted kids at 18 months.

After hearing more about the daycare centre, I decided we would give it a try when my daughter turned 18 months. I quickly learned how different a daycare centre is and how they are able to offer things that in home daycares (in my opinion) are not able to offer, or at least, not as easily. After talking to other moms about this I thought I’d share some of the reasons why we decided to stay with a daycare centre and why we would choose one again. I’m NOT sharing this because I want to discourage people from sending their babies to a home daycare. I AM sharing because these are things that I didn’t even think about when I was considering my options. Whatever you choose, I think it’s important to make an informed decision in order to figure out what is right for your family. And let’s be clear, what is right for you, is not right for everyone.

So huge disclaimer – this post is about sharing my experience with a daycare centre and not to slam any in home daycare givers. I have several lovely friends who provide daycare services and they are amazing. Do what is best for your family, whatever that looks like. This post is also NOT sponsored by any daycare facilities – the opinions are of my own. 




Daycare Centre VS Home Daycare

1. Hours

Daycare centres are usually able to offer longer hours of care. For example, ours runs from 6:30am to 6pm. Even if a home daycare offered this, those are some pretty long hours for one person! I know I would be absolutely exhausted looking after tiny humans for 10 + hours per day. The early morning was also important for us in order for me to be at work on time for 7am.

At a daycare centre someone is always there. No sick days or vacation or other days off. The employees have days off, but the centre always runs. When you don’t have family or friends that are able to be your back up if your child goes to a home daycare and they call in sick, it can be very stressful. This was one less worry for me at a daycare centre.

2. Breaks

We all need breaks. How often have you feel like you need a 5 minute break from your child? Well, I know I do! If you are the only caregiver you are unable to take a break or have your own little time out. At a daycare centre, there are scheduled breaks and there are other people to cover for you. I think this is important for everyone’s well being.

3. Meals

I know that my daughter is being fed healthy food and has meal time in a structured environment. The kids sit together at a table and learn to clean up after themselves; both their dishes and washing their hands and face. While these things can all be achieved at a daycare home, I know without a doubt this happens every day in the same way because it is mandatory.

The person cooking is also not the person caring for my child. If you have 5 or more kids in your home and you are cooking meals for them and caring for them, this is not easy! My toddler can easily get into trouble when I am busy cooking for her and that’s just with one kid!

4. Early Learning

The daycare centre my daughter goes to is an early learning centre. They are separated into groups of similar ages and learn age appropriate activities. If I am going to pay someone to care for my child, I do not want them plugged in front of a TV, that was a big one for me. Even the little things from learning how to put on shoes, do up zippers and they even have learned about personal health like brushing teeth. Who doesn’t struggle with brushing their toddlers teeth? All of these things help!

5. Educators

The educators who work at the centre are passionate and educated in early learning and are also committed to continuing their own education. This was very important to me. I wanted people taking care of my child who are truly passionate about children and not doing it because it was a source of income without having to return to their day job. Again, I am definitely generalizing, because there are lots of home daycares who have their early childhood education, but I knew for sure that the people caring for my child had studied it in school and were committed.

6. Schedule & Consistency

I like structure. Regular snack time, lunch, outside activities and nap time. I believe consistency and structure is really important for little people and this was something the centre offered. And outside – they go outside EVERY day, unless it is below -20 something…which, yes it gets that cold here and I wouldn’t want to be outside either! Because the facility is government funded, it follows a specific structure; they have to. So I know without a doubt that these practices happen every day.

7. Regulated

Knowing that my daughter’s daycare was legit was extremely important to me. I wanted to know that what was happening was being monitored by other people. I didn’t know how important this would be until my daughter actually started daycare. I didn’t realize that the ratio between adults and children (which varied between ages) was something that should be regulated. There are home daycares that follow these rules, but there are some who don’t. I didn’t want to worry that someone could come in and shut my child’s daycare down because they were not registered, not following the proper ratios or not meeting any other requirements. This was just one less stress for me.

8. Social

A lot of time it is just my girl and I, so interacting with other children and adults was big for us. Not only does she get to interact with other kids, but she also learns to take direction from other adults. At first I liked the idea of having just one adult take care of my child, I thought they would love her more, but that’s just crazy. I have seen how they all treat her and how much my daughter loves all the educators.

9. Loving

As I mentioned above, I always thought that taking my child to an in home daycare she would be more loved. They would treat her like their own and it would be just like home. The more I learnt about early learning the more I questioned myself. Did I want it to be just like home? Or was this an opportunity for my daughter to learn new skills, develop and excel. If I am paying someone to care for my daughter, wouldn’t it be better if I could pay someone who could offer something I couldn’t? Because they do. They bring people in with ducklings, they raise butterflies from cocoons, they have Singing with Sylvia, the fire department visit in their rescue gear so they learn not to be afraid in the event of a fire, they go on outings to the beach, spray park, they make tons of crafts, educational play and free play. {Check out what we made to display all her artwork here}.  Now yes, I could plan all of these things myself if I was really that eager, well most of them probably, and we do a lot of outings on our own, but this is also a service I am happy to pay for.

I know my daughter is loved because she absolutely loves going to daycare. She always lights up when she talks about her daycare friends and teachers. The same goes for when the educators talk about her, which makes me know she really is loved and safe, which is what we all want as worried parents.

We have been blessed to have had the opportunity to send our child to such a wonderful daycare centre and now preschool this fall! I can’t believe she’ll be 3 soon!


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Did you choose an in home or daycare centre for your child?

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