This summer was NOT what I expected. I thought it would be full of house showings, selling our house and moving. It was everything but that, however it was full of many adventures and lots of memories and we had a blast. Side note: we have a lovely house for sale just outside Saskatoon – let me know if you’re interested 🙂

I thought we’d share some of our favourite family friendly adventures in the Saskatoon area. Make sure to pin this for next summer! (Hover over each image and click the Pinterest icon on the top left corner to save to your Pinterest Boards)




Family Friendly Activities in Saskatoon & Surrounding Area

1. Saskatoon Berry Picking

We had so much fun picking Saskatoon Berries at Crystal Beach Orchards in Harris. Read more about our adventures and Saskatoon Berry recipes HERE.

2. Otter Lake – Fishing

I’ve heard how beautiful northern Saskatchewan is, but this was the first year I actually got to experience it myself! It reminded me a lot of BC, so beautiful and pristine! Although this was a quick trip early in the year, it was just perfect. My daughter LOVED being in the boat and fishing! We stayed at Thompson’s Resorts and the staff and our fishing guide were all lovely. Definitely recommend!

3. Saskatoon – Kiwanis Memorial Park

The area by the Bessborough along the Saskatchewan River is my favourite place to walk in Saskatoon. It was the first place I visited in Saskatoon and it’s just so beautiful. For my birthday, my daughter and I went for lunch and enjoyed a walk in the park here, running from the birds!

This is also my favourite area in Saskatoon in the winter – the skating rink is picture perfect!

4. Tobin Lake – Canada Day

We spent Canada Day long weekend at Tobin Lake Resort with my in laws and niece/nephew and had a blast! We fished, the kids swam and played at the beach and park and of course we roasted hot dogs and marshmallows! The fireworks for Canada 150 was also a great display. We have stayed here a few times and it’s super family friendly.

5. The Beach at Danielson Provincial Park – Gardiner Dam

By far my favourite thing this summer was relaxing at the beach. This is also my favourite beach because of all 5 times we went it was NEVER busy, the water is clean and great for kids and it was just so relaxing. It is a tad on the windy side, but I’ll take the wind over lots of people any day. Oh, did I mention that it’s free! Yes, we like free. It is also relatively close for us, just an hour away. An easy half day trip.

You can pack a picnic, or there is a cafe there and ice cream concession. We also happened to be there on the Dam’s 50th birthday party and got to take in even more free activities including face painting, bouncy castle, crafts and lunch!

This was also the first year in a LONG time that I found a bathing suit online {from Cupshe} that fit!

6. Our Local Coffee Shop

I can no longer walk to the park or mail without hearing “Coffee shop?” “Please mom, coffee shop”, “I’m thirsty.” Simply Grounded Coffee Shop is the cutest little place and it is just perfect for our small town. They were looking for “extras” to shoot a promotional video, so with nothing better to do, my girl and I participated and she loved it! Check out the video HERE!

7. Lemonade for Wishes

Our fame didn’t stop at the coffee shop promo video either! We made it on Global Saskatoon! Read the full story HERE about how we donated $520 to Make-A-Wish Saskatchewan through our Lemonade Stand. We had a ton of fun doing this and were so proud to donate to such a wonderful cause. I’d highly recommend participating in Lemonade for Wishes and I will definitely do it again!

8. Pike Lake Pool

Although we only made it to Pike Lake Provincial Park Pool once this summer (even though it’s the closes thing to home!), it was still fun! My daughter couldn’t get enough of the water slide. It’s a great pool and I love that there is a treed area for shade. The only downsides are it’s busy and you have to pay to get into the park AND into the pool (that’s why we like Danielson Provincial Park beach).

9. Saskatoon Rib Fest

We enjoyed Saskatoon Rib Fest for the 3rd year in a row! It’s a family favourite now. Delicious food and fun activities for the kids. The pony ride is always a hit!

This little piggy got to wear her Sew Bright Piggy Bib too!

10. Waskesiu Camping

I heard lovely things about Waskesiu and knew I definitely needed to check it out before we move. I’m a huge fan of day trips (as I’m sure you’ve gathered from our adventures above), but since this was a little far for the day, we decided to spend the night camping. And…since we sold our camper trailer this spring, we resorted to my 2 person tent from my backpacking days…. It really was a lovely trip, my daughter LOVED camping so much and it truly is beautiful there, however I did really enjoy sleeping in my own bed the next day since we only had air in the air mattress for maybe 10 minutes! 🙁

When we were driving back, I asked my daughter what her favourite part of the trip was and of course I refreshed her memory first….hiking in the forest, playing at the playground, shopping and ice-cream, cooking over the fire, the beach and the list goes on. She quickly replied that her favourite part was the TENT! So I guess it was all worth it, right? The things we do for our children…

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11. Kinsmen Park

Right in Saskatoon, Kinsmen Park is a must do! We went a couple times with friends and enjoyed a picnic in the park, playing on the playground, spray park and rides. We ended up going back this weekend to take in the Ferris Wheel because I wasn’t about to take my daughter on it myself {me + rides = not good}. After watching them go on it and waiting for it to pick up speed, I soon realized the Ferris Wheel is nothing compared to the wooden roller coaster at the PNE that I *almost died on*, so up I went! It was actually pretty fun.


We also took in the Children’s Festival at Kinsmen Park and enjoyed Fred Penner, saw Peppa Pig at Lawson Heights Mall, watched the Delisle Summer Fest Parade and spent a lot of time walking, biking and playing at the playground with friends. The balance bike was a hit and so were my Barbies and Shopkins!

We are now looking forward to PreSchool Starting, Halloween {stay tuned for a blog post on our past handmade halloween costumes as well as this years, halloween crafts} and a big dinosaur birthday party! PLUS, fingers crossed we sell our house this fall!

What are your favourite summer activities in the Saskatoon area – or area where you live?

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