We are always looking for fun and affordable family friendly activities close to us and the Youth Farm Corn Maze in Rosthern, SK is just that! I had read that there were activities other than the corn maze, but I didn’t realize the extent! There is SO MUCH to do there, for all ages and it is even stroller friendly!

I hope you enjoy our review of the activities and tips for making the most out of your visit. It’s open Friday and Sunday from 1pm – 8pm and Saturdays from 11am – 8pm until October.




Let’s start with what to bring

I was a little unsure how long the maze would take, but I figured there would be lots of walking so our Tula Carrier was definitely coming. We also picked a hot day, so a matching dress and hat was just what the weather person forecasted 😉 Of course, handmade by mom (aka Sew Bright Creations). We also brought wipes (specifically for after the petting zoo), water (this stainless one we recently got from Costco), socks, running shoes and snacks in the SkipHop lunch kit. We never leave home without snacks. I mean, what if we got lost in the corn maze?! Everything was packed in a backpack because we like to look like tourists!

How to get there

From Saskatoon head towards Warman and you’ll turn right 1km south of Rosthern at the Youth Farm Bible Camp. There are signs, it is easy to find! You can also view a map on their website HERE.


Wrist bands are the best deal and then you can take in all the activities! The only one you need extra tickets for is the potato gun. If you are interested in the petting zoo, you’ll also want to pick up a bag or two of feed for the animals (see photo). They even have season passes available! For more information on rates, click HERE.

If you have any questions, just make sure to ask the staff – they were all very friendly!

We started with the corn maze

Once you enter, all the activities are together. Naturally we headed straight for the maze! The first photo is an overview of the maze – photo from the Youth Farm Bible Camp website. This years design was made to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Youth Farm Bible Camp.

There are two mazes. The one to the right (Small Stalk) is shorter and easier and took us about 15 minutes. We let our daughter pick most of the turns!
Next up was the bigger maze, the Crazy Cobbler! This one was a bit harder and took a little longer, but still super fun. Although we got turned around a few times I was surprised there were no arguments about which direction to go! I was worried that you could be lost for hours, but the maze is set up really well that if you get detoured you seem to keep going and not have to back track too much.

After a little wipe out, the Tula carrier was a must!

Corn Maze Tips

As I mentioned at the beginning, make sure to wear runners! It is dusty and your feet will get super dirty if you’re in flip flops. There are also a few gopher holes in the field outside of the corn maze, so watch your footing!

You’ll get a punch card when you pay your admission and there are four punch stations hidden in the maze. Each punch on your card gets you 25 cents off a slushy! The slushy’s are really good too.

There is also an Emergency Exit for the big maze! It surrounds the perimeter of the maze and will lead back to the main area. Just incase…

Petting Zoo

Feeding and petting the animals was a big hit for this girl! Those pigs are something else though, aren’t they?

Jumbo Pillow

Can you tell by her smile that this was another favourite activity? Dad loved it too!

With your wristband, there are no additional charges for these activities. 

Hay Ride

If you’re ready to sit down for a minute then the Hay Ride is just what you need. Relax for about 20 minutes while you take in the beautiful views!

Lunch Break

We all worked up an appetite and really enjoyed the burgers from the food truck. This one is the Corn Maze special with pickles, onion and bacon – my husband loved it 🙂 I also heard the cheesecake on a stick is delicious!

I’m not sure if they have the food truck every day, but you can always find out on their Facebook Page.


Sometimes the simplest things are the best! This little slide is right in the middle of the yard and perfect for playing while you finish your lunch on the picnic tables close by.

Corn Pit

Before we left, my husband was reading all the activities to me off the website and when he mentioned the corn pit, I pictured a pit full of corn on the cob. Yeah…ridiculous right?! This is the corn pit!

Pedal Carts

We almost missed the pedal carts! They are located to the far right when you first come in, don’t forget to check them out. It was nice I could double with my daughter and still take her on this one, although I’m not sure she loved my driving 😉

Rider Pride Train

This was also a top favourite for our toddler, but I have to admit, it was pretty bumpy! At least it goes on the pavement and you do get to see the property, which is nice. I also do not recommend sitting in the first car unless you enjoy the smell of exhaust! I did enjoy my daughter’s singing the whole way though 🙂 Chuga chuga choo choo!

Potato Gun

Definitely my husband’s favourite! They really do have something for everyone here. The best part, after 5 potatoes he still didn’t hit the target, haha! Can you spot the potato in the photo?


The only main activity we did not take in was the climbing wall, but it looked super fun. I thought it would be a bit much for our toddler, maybe next year!

There were also lots of yard games set up, you could really spend all afternoon there. We were there for a good three hours and enjoyed every bit of it!

Don’t forget your Slushy!

Before you head out, don’t forget to take your punch card to the candy shop (in the basement of the Church) and get your slushy. If you have a sweet tooth like me then you’ll also want to pick up a treat!

Let us know if you enjoyed this review and want to see more!

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Have you been to a corn maze? What was your favourite part?

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