Don’t want your Fairy Garden to be finished for summer? No problem, just turn it into a SCARY GARDEN! In just a few simple steps we converted our Fairy Garden to a not so scary, Scary Garden. Watch the video and read below to see how!







Most of the materials were purchased from the Dollar Store, but we did paint rocks for pumpkins and made the ghosts from scrap fabric stuffed with kleenex. The tree branch we collected in the backyard and there are a few moose teeth in there from my skull collecting days…I was clearly into interesting things as a child!

Fairy Garden

We started by taking our Fairy Garden apart, leaving only the plants, but you could easily start from scratch if you did not have a Fairy Garden. Click HERE to read about where we got the supplies to make our Fairy Garden. You’ll notice there are a couple plants missing from our original Fairy Garden, but I did keep most of them alive!

Scary Garden

This is the fun part! Place new Scary Garden accessories throughout, as you wish! I will say that the spider webs are a bit of a mess and not the best when it comes to watering, so we confined them to the corners.

Although we call it a Scary Garden, we have kept it rated age 3 and it really isn’t all that scary! I suppose it’s more of a Halloween Garden!

Have you ever made a Scary Garden? What did you put in it?


We are so pumped for Halloween this year, 3 is a super fun age to be getting into the holidays! If you’re looking for fun Halloween ideas, make sure to check out our Handmade Halloween Costumes, the BEST Halloween Supper Idea and keep checking this month for more fun ideas including recipes and crafts!

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