Are you looking at all these photos of my “happy” toddler in her cute apron, thinking, look how much fun they are having? Well, don’t be fooled. We do have fun, and my daughter loves it, but it is not easy. Like anything with a toddler, it is work, but work that is always worth it. At least that’s what I tell myself…

So how do we do it? You’re about to learn how I keep sane, while letting my toddler help in the kitchen! 

The easiest answer would be not having my toddler in the kitchen! 😛 I know, that’s no fun. Kids, of all ages, learn so much while helping in the kitchen. For us, baking is also a fun activity we can do together, which we often do on days where the weather isn’t nice or we’re looking for something to keep busy with.

Do you ever get frustrated when your toddler wants to do EVERYTHING themselves and you’re just not ready for that step yet? Yes, that’s me, all the time. We practice patience in the kitchen…but that’s a never ending battle…

It may seem simple, but when you have a Type A personality and like order, it doesn’t always come easy. Toddler’s love to do it themselves, so why not let them?

Let them have their very own apron, let them have their very own utensils and Tupperware. Let them have their own rolling pin and most importantly, let them use it. Let them explore. Just let go and let them be little. 

Instead of “fixing” my daughter’s creations to be “Pinterest Perfect,” I let her create her own, while I also make my own! Usually by the time she has only a few cookies, I’ve managed to make the rest up! #momwin

Look at that concentration though! So focused. Focused and distracted so I can get the rest of the cookies made up!

And let them lick the spoon!

Together we are able to get our baking done, have fun and both make the type of cookies our heart’s desire! The Tupperware Mini Baking Set is just the right tool to get this done! It makes an awesome gift too, especially for Christmas. You can even get it for 40% off until November 10, 2017, that’s a savings of $20! It is regular $45, on sale for $25. Just email Michelle at and she’ll get you set up. If you’re looking for Watkins, Michelle is also your lady!

And that cute apron, made by this momma! Now available in 4 prints, in both toddler and child sizes. Best part about these aprons is they are waterproof and wipeable! We get so much use out of it for baking and art projects. Save your kid’s clothes (and laundry) and get an apron in Sew Bright’s Etsy Shop HERE. My daughter just turned 3 and is wearing the toddler size.


I don’t have any finished photos of our dinosaur cookies, but here’s one of the Witch’s Fingers we made. Can you tell which ones I let my daughter make? All on her own….

If you really want a giggle, make sure to check out the spider she made HERE!


So remember, just breathe, let go and let your toddler enjoy the baking. In turn, you’ll enjoy it so much more too!

We’d love to hear your tips on keeping sane in the kitchen with your toddler!


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