Yes it’s true, a picture says 1000 words, but what you never hear are the 10,000 other words that the picture doesn’t say. We all have a story and although you may figure it out by looking at a photo, you may also be completely wrong. Perception and reality are usually far from the same. Social Media is also the perfect platform for painting “perfect” pictures.

Grey & blue polka dot shirt from Pretty Little Pieces.

So this is me. Jackie. Owner of Sew Bright Creations and typer behind the Sew Bright Blog. I show my face now and then, but I feel like I’ve been showing it more since I joined on as a Brand Rep for Pretty Little Pieces. Have you heard of it? It’s an online clothing shop owned by a lovely mompreneur in Warman, SK. I love the clothes and love supporting her business, but I have to say, getting photos of myself in the clothes has been more work than I thought!

Vest by Pretty Little Pieces.

First off, no matter how many times I try, I can never take a decent selfie photo of my outfit while looking in the mirror. I see people do this all the time and they look great. I have still yet to figure it out. I’m cut off, it’s blurry, the lighting sucks, it makes me look even shorter and the negative nelly list goes on. So I resort to having my photo taken by someone else.

Now for the truth. EVERY TIME I get my photo taken (solo) I feel like the most awkward person on Earth. EVERY TIME. My husband takes them, because that’s probably the best of the worst, although maybe he really isn’t helping… But sometimes I feel like I even look super awkward. Like here, does this not look super awkward to you?

Camo Headand by Sew Bright Creations, Black Sweater by Pretty Little Pieces & Boots by Pretty Little Shoes.

Is this just me, or do you feel this way too? I scroll my news feed and see all these amazing photos and then get a little bit of confidence and try it again, but I am not a natural poser and I am clearly not working with a professional photographer, so maybe it is just me?!

I thought maybe if I tried taking photos by myself, with the self timer, that would help. Well, I picked a super windy day and it was just nothing but frustrating. I don’t think it helped 🙁


That’s when I call for back up and bring my star model in! She is great behind the camera and makes it much less “work” for me!

Plaid Headbands by Sew Bright Creations & Cardigan by Pretty Little Pieces

Every once in a while my husband’s photography skills surprise me and I build up enough confidence to try, yet again!

 How do you feel about getting your photo taken? Any tips for not feeling so posed and looking natural?

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