For us, this new year brings a new preschool, new name labels for our snack containers (that I now have to pack) and water bottles!

I don’t know about you, but I’m tried of re-writing names in Sharpie over and over again as they wash off. I mean, how many times have you written your kids names on Tupperware or water bottles with a Sharpie? And how many times has it washed off? Can you spot the Sharpie on our Tupperware in the photo below? I have re-written it countless times, but now with Mabel’s Labels I no longer have to!

It’s SO Easy!

Best part about these labels is they are so easy to put on and they look cool! I even had fun picking them out ūüôā They just stick on like stickers. Don’t mind the dirty water bottle ūüėČ

Labels for Everything!

There are so many different types of labels. The peel and stick personalized ones are even dishwasher safe. I don’t normally wash water bottles in the dishwasher, but I did to test these labels and they stayed on so well! Here are some other types of Mabel’s Labels that would be great for kids:

  • Clothing labels
  • Allergy Allert labels
  • Shoe sticker labels (these go on the inside of the shoes under the heel and they are awesome!! When you take them off to sell shoes or give them away they don’t even leave that ugly sticky film)

These are only a few of the options, check Mabel’s Labels to see them all!

And how many water bottles are at your kid’s daycare/preschool/school/activity? With all the Contigo water bottles and germs out there, don’t you want to make sure your kid knows which water bottle is theirs?

With these fun labels there is no mistaking which water bottle belongs to my dinosaur loving preschooler!

Did I mention they have FREE Shipping in Canada!!

Click HERE to order yours NOW!

Mabel’s Labels also make great¬†birthday or other gift ideas. They are such a great alternative to more clothes and toys.¬†Something useful, but still fun with all the different options.¬†

Looking for a preschool/daycare for your little one? Read more about our experience HERE.

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