I can’t believe this little business of mine has been going for 3 years! It’s also another reminder that I have a 3 year old child! There is no better way to celebrate than with Sew Bright’s 3rd Annual Photo Contest. I absolutely love seeing all the photo submissions, they always bring a smile to my face! Don’t forget you can send your photos in at anytime during the year for a chance to be featured on our social media or share them using #sewbrightcreations. For the photo contest, there are three categories: 1. Most Likes, 2. Random Winner and 3. Sew Bright’s Favourite.

A huge THANK YOU to all of those who submitted photos and continue to support Sew Bright Creations. Click HERE to check out all submissions and keep reading to find out who won!

Before I go into the winners I wanted to share one big learning from my third year of business in this small shop handmade world. Social media can both help and hinder your business in many ways. I’ve connected with so many customers, makers and moms through the online community and for that, I am grateful. I am continuously inspired by others and I’m proud to show my creations to the online world. Thanks to Etsy, I have shipped to over 8 countries! This was not anticipated when I started sewing out of my basement with a newborn baby.

However, it’s not always sunshine and rainbows. I constantly see people’s ideas getting copied or “stolen” and I get that it sucks when you pour your heart and soul into a design only to see someone else reproduce it. The other day I saw an American company’s logo on bras made in China. That company does not even make bras and it was their exact logo! It really made me realize that anything can happen once you put your stuff out there, but it also made me realize that I’m okay with that. It’s obviously not okay to blatantly steal, but I am not going to get angry about it either because you know what, I would never buy that knock off bra from China. I really like the company I was talking about and I’ve connected with them through Instagram and I want to shop with THEM and support THEM.

Buying from a small shop is more than just buying something. It is about supporting a person, a family, a life and connecting with THEM. It’s about supporting something good, someone’s hard word, passion and dreams. I also know that I am a one women shop and there is no way I could make all the bibs for all the babies in the world so even if you are in the same town as me and make bibs then go for it! I have faith that my lovely dedicated customers will continue to support who they want to support. My goal is to make high quality products with great customer service and if you’re happy then I’m optimistic you’ll refer me and continue to shop. This is life, right?


So, I cannot say THANK YOU enough for my dedicated customers who continue to support my passion, my life and my family. It truly means the world to us and I CANNOT WAIT to get this shop going again! We are doing a final coat of paint on my sewing room today so it’s going to be soon! Stayed tuned for an announcement this week.

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Sew Bright’s 3rd Annual Photo Contest

1. Most Likes

With 85 likes, the winner of this category goes to Ashlee Hazelwood-Felser! How adorable is her girl in her Sew Bright Unicorn Pom Pom Dress?! Congratulations!

2. Random Winner

The random number selected was 22, which goes to Brittany Biberdorf and her new baby girl, photo taken at only one week old! Brittany received this Sew Bright Top Knot Hat as a bonus gift with one of her orders and saved it away incase another babe was to arrive. It brings me so much joy that she was able to use it on her sweet baby girl! Congratulations!

3. Sew Bright Favourite

Every year I also love to pick my own favourite, but this year it was just too hard! I really could not decide, so I made my husband, haha! This was his favourite from Jenny Finnimore. Her little guy in his Sew Bright Little Gentlemen Attire is so sweet! It captures this outfit perfectly. Congratulations!

*Winners, please contact me on fb to claim your prizes, thanks!*

Thank you to EVERYONE for participating & here’s to another great year!

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