How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? We don’t have any long standing traditions other than the classic paper Valentine’s cards that are usually homemade and maybe baking some sweets. I love all holidays, but I also feel overwhelmed with how commercialized everything has become and I’m guessing (or hoping) I’m not the only one who feels this way. I think there are many ways to show your love without buying all the latest and greatest Valentine’s merchandise or big extravagant gifts! And isn’t that what Valentine’s Day is supposed to be about anyways? L O V E

We have a super easy, quick and fun craft that you can do with your little ones to teach them about love and kindness. Lately we have been reading about making people feel happy and filling their “bucket” (check next week’s blog), which ties in perfectly with Valentine’s Day.



Teach Love with this Valentine’s Craft

I’m calling this a free craft because I’m assuming you have paper, scissors and a pen at home! It is very simple:

  1. Cut out paper hearts
  2. Write on them with kind things you’d like to say about someone
  3. Give them to that person

Could it get any easier? My daughter (and I) made some for family and friends and my husband and I wrote on the rest for our daughter. We put them on her bedroom door and read them to her every evening.

You could also do them without your kids and surprise them on Valentine’s Day. They could be taped on their bedroom door like we did, or a wall, mirror, playroom, fridge, window, anywhere!  It would also be fun to put them in a box and take one out each day of the month. There are many different ideas!

This craft was a nice way to remind us all take time to acknowledge the good things in people. I find our days get so hectic that sometimes we forget about all the great things right in front of us. This is definitely going to be a new tradition at our house!

We’d love to hear how you teach love or your favourite Valentine’s traditions?

Check this post from last year on a fun Valentine’s idea for parents!

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