How the Sew Bright Beanie Came to Be…

You know that time you saw something super cool on Pinterest and you said to your maker friend, “hey you should just whip that up and sell it”? Well, I’m hear to tell you that although there may be times when I whip something new up, there is A LOT of work that goes into launching a new product. It almost seems ridiculous that I’ve been working on launching this Sew Bright Beanie for a year now! I thought I was giving myself lots of time to launch it for Fall 2017, but man was I wrong.

Initially I wanted to make a super warm hat for those Saskatchewan winters, but I tried several different patterns and fabrics and ordered pom poms and I just didn’t love any of it. If I don’t love it then I just can’t get behind it 100% to sell it, so all the ideas died. Just before we moved I made myself and a friend a beanie and after wearing mine for 2 months and loving it, I knew it was the one and only Sew Bright Beanie!

I love this beanie for all of these reasons:

  • Oh so soft and comfortable
  • There are no exposed seams inside (with the exception of one tiny area) which make it even more comfortable.
  • It can be worn as a slouchy beanie, or the flip the brim up for a fitted beanie. This means the ears are covered! This is especially important for babies.
  • Just the right temperature. It’s warm, but not too hot. If it’s super cold then it can be worn under a thicker hat to help keep those big toques in place.
  • Size is perfect. It fits in my purse. Seriously, this is where I keep it. You could even put it in your pocket.
  • It’s great for transitioning to spring, cool summer evenings (will be perfect for around the campfire), fall and I’ve been wearing mine on mild winter days.

A little behind the scenes of the Sew Bright Beanie

I purchase all my patterns that have different sizing options (to ensure accurate sizing), however I always like to send testers out to different kids to try, just to make sure! I’m also able to use their photos in the Etsy Listings so you guys can all see how it fits! Here are some of my testers!

Photo Credit: Charity Lindsay

Photo Credit: @isla_my_love

Photo Credit: Charity Lindsay

Then I sew up samples with each fabric, take photos and list on Etsy! I love photography, but taking product photos is not one of my favourite things because I depend on natural light, which means I sometimes wait days for the right lighting… Oh, and I ordered pretty tags to go with these beauty beanies!
So next time when you say, “hey, you should sell _______ ” and I kindly thank you for the suggestion, but don’t adopt the idea, well you can see why, it takes a lot of time to release a new product! HOWEVER, keep those ideas coming because you never know when you might strike it rich đŸ˜‰

Without further ado, here’s a short video on the all new Sew Bright Beanies!

Watch all the way to the end to see the out takes!

What are you waiting for? Go shop these adorable beanies! You’ll notice some fabric options have any size that you can pick (these ones are made to order) and some have only a couple sizes available (these ones are ready to ship). If there is something you don’t see then just send me a message.

As with everything, they are available in limited quantities per each fabric type, so move quickly!

Sew Bright Easter Line is LIVE Too!

Since my shop is flat rate shipping, I wanted to make sure you could stock up on all the new items at once so I’ve also released the EASTER LINE today! These items are all available in very limited quantities so head to the shop quickly if there is something you want to stuff in that basket!

Easter bunny bags are also great all year round for carrying toys or library books! My daughter has been using her Shopkin’s Bag for her library books and its super durable.

Let me know if you’re interested in detailed aspects of behind the scenes and I’d be happy to blog about it! Taking photos, how I ship products, where I get my labels, etc.

Click HERE to check out a behind the scenes photo shoot video of the Georgia Crop that was launched last spring!

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