Can you believe all the toys from the 90’s that have come back? To be honest, I was so excited to see Lite Brite in the local toy store here, there was no way I could walk past it! I cannot wait to see what my daughter thinks when she opens it, although she’ll have to wait until Easter 🙂 When I heard that Polly Pocket was making a come back I knew having a daughter was absolutely meant to be.  And scrunchies? Can you believe hair scrunchies are back?! I didn’t believe my sister in law when she told me this, but I see them everywhere now! The best thing, they are so comfortable, less breakage and minimal hair kinks! I’ve been wearing mine everyday! 

There are so many toys that are starting to come back, I decided to compile a list of my favourites! It could also be very possible that they never went “out of style,” rather I just left the toy world. Either way, these are my favourites that I played with as a child and I’m actually excited to enjoy them again, now with my daughter <3


Toys from the 90’s that are Back!

Lite Brite

The best part, it’s still the same freaky looking clown on the box! I’m super excited to play this with my daughter though. It is now battery powered, which will be perfect for her “fort” under the staircase off my sewing room. More to come on my new sewing room soon! I purchased this one from Big Smiles toy store in Smithers, but it’s also on Amazon. PS, the price locally was only about $35, so you might want to shop around. 

Polly Pocket

I just love these things. I mean, who doesn’t love teeny tiny parts that are all over the place and go missing and you can never find them … said no parent EVER! But they are really cute! Can you believe that Polly Pocket has made a come back? I’ve linked a few that are soooo cute! My daughter has one and absolutely loves it! It’s also a great travel toy!

Perler Beads

Remember these? I used to love creating with these! This would be a great fine motor skill activity too! I can also remember melting crayons on large maple leaves and wax paper. You can purchase the beads and forms together or separately. 

UPDATE: We LOVE our beads so much! Honestly, this is one of the few activities that I really enjoy doing with my daughter. I know that sounds terrible, but it’s the truth. We often sit at the table and bead together and I find it therapeutic, like colouring! I always make sure to put the beads on a cookie sheet or something similar so they don’t get everywhere.



I had to add Barbie on the list because my daughter has been playing with my old Barbies lately, but I don’t think they ever really went out of style! I have a giant log dollhouse that my dad built and it’s been fun to watch my daughter play in it. One day we’re even going to give it a  make-over! One of my favourite Barbie’s is this roller blading one! Mine is in much worse shape and definitely didn’t cost that much!

Over the past year I’ve bought quite a few “Add on” Barbies from Amazon. Although they may not be 90’s original ones, they are great deals! Here’s a few we’ve bought! They are also great for keeping on hand for birthday gifts. 


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Click, click, click… I bet you remember this one! Does anyone have a new one of these?


Click, click, click… I bet you remember this one! Does anyone have a new one of these?

Chip from Beauty & The Beast

This Chip cup that I got from Beauty and the Beast Disney on Ice has been super popular for my toddler. We even made her a Chip Halloween Costume this past year! I’m not sure where to get them today, I think I got a snow cone in this one at Beauty and the Beast on Ice, you know, back in the day!

Read more about this DIY night stand and room HERE!

Games from the 90s

I could do a whole other post on just games, there are so many great ones I remember playing as a kid like Operation, Monopoly, Mouse Trap, Snakes and Ladders and Hungry Hippos. We got Hungry Hippos for Christmas this year and it’s been a blast! One of my favourite things about these toys and games are it makes it a lot more fun to play together because let’s be honest, I am not always into playing pretend Peppa Pig…

Here’s just a few links for your shopping pleasure!

What were your favourite toys from the 90’s? Did you save any of them?

Did you see last week’s blog post? The Beanies & Easter products launched and are selling out fast!

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