It started out with great intentions, it always does. Of course I was inspired by Pinterest and I thought it would be great to make some DIY bath bombs for Easter, in the shape of easter eggs. Such a great idea, right? I was also super excited to try Young Living Essential Oils. Do you use oils? I haven’t before now and I am honestly not really into diffusing them in the house, BUT I am interested in making more DIY things with them such as bath bombs, soap, cleaners, etc.

How NOT to Make DIY Bath Bombs

I received 3 oils from Brittany, my new Young Living rep! I wasn’t even sure where to get started, but Britteny was SO HELPFUL and she even provided me with this great information about each of the oils that I used for the bath bombs.   Make sure to check out her Facebook group for more information!

#1 Recipe

I recommend getting a recipe off someone who has tried it before or you read the reviews and make sure to properly follow the recipe. I did get a recipe from a friend, she makes beautiful bath bombs and even sells hers! You can find her on Instagram @elleinad_c. Where I went wrong, was following the recipe … this is a common problem I have.

Here’s the recipe I used. I was going to copy it out for you, but since I didn’t follow it correctly, I’ll just show the images!

#2 Ingredients

I don’t think I did anything wrong here, although I did substitute the grape seed oil for coconut oil (in liquid form) for the ones with the orange essential oil. Coconut orange sounded pretty good to me! As I mentioned above, the essential oils were from Young Living, the coconut and grape seed oils and citric acid were purchased from a local health food store (Nature’s Pantry) and the rest from the grocery store.

#3 Forms

Plastic Easter eggs sounded like the perfect forms, but I was wrong. I tried wiping the inside with coconut oil to make them come out easier, but that made it worse. I ended up using plastic flowers that were shallow and I only used one side so they were flat on the back. Make sure to pack firmly into the forms and choose ones that are simple. If I were to try again I think I’d use ice cube trays.

#4 Colour

Because I was going for the whole Easter egg effect, I divided the first batch into 4 parts. Since I am not that great at following directions, this was another step that didn’t go over well. I didn’t properly divide the amount of liquids between each one, which resulting in adding even more liquid than I should have.  For some reason I also wanted to colour code them so I knew which scent was for each one. That’s a bit ridiculous though because all you have to do is smell it to tell the difference… So, don’t worry about colour! You’re better to focus on following the recipe!

#5 Water

This is where I really went wrong. Remember I mentioned above about following the recipe? Well, I used a spray bottle to add water, because such a small amount was required. Although the spray bottle is a great idea, I added too much water. I kept squirting to get a texture where it stuck together, which I thought was a good thing, but nope! You want to make sure it is more powder like, like how the flower ones turned out. So remember don’t add too much water!

#6 Leave Them

Even though the flower ones semi turned out, I was touching them all right away and wrecked them. Let them sit over night and they will be good. Well, if you don’t add too much water they will! This is what mine looked like the next morning! Did I ever bomb the bath bombs! haha

#7 Function over Fashion

They may look pretty mangled, but man do they work! I had a bath with the Peace and Calming one the other night and it was so lovely! I don’t know that I’d use this one for my daughter because it is a bit strong, but she LOVED the orange coconut one! It was also a fun change from bubbles. Although I won’t be giving any of these ones away or stuffing any Easter baskets with them we will definately continue to enjoy them in our baths!

#8 Ditch the Bomb

The shape is over rated. I do love the idea of making bath bombs, but why bother with making it into a bomb shape? Mabe they harden too much? Not sure….but I think I’d look for more of a bath salts recipe and just keep it in a jar. Doesn’t that sound so much easier?!

#9 Get your Oils!

Ready to get started? Make sure to contact Britteny and let her know that Sew Bright sent you! Not sure where to begin? The starter kit is great for getting going. I can’t wait to make more DIY products for my family & home using these oils!

I love to know, have you made bath bombs before or do you use essential oils?

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This post was sponsored by Britteny, Young Living Rep; however the opinions and photos are of Sew Bright Creations’. 

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