Do you ever get sick of buying disposable diapers or pull ups? It’s about $30 for a box of disposable pull ups and my daughter has been day trained since 2. She’s now 3.5 so that’s about $400 we’ve spent in pull ups. Isn’t that ridiculous? That includes 2 per day from 2-3 because she wore one while napping and one at bedtime. Maybe it’s my BC hippy rooots kicking in, but I suddently realized, why not try cloth for night time? Plus, I recently made the switch to cloth menstrual pads and I figured if I can manage that clean up then I can manage one pee diaper per day.

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I honestly never thought about switching to cloth once my daughter was day trained, but why not? It just makes so much sense! You don’t need a huge stash, it’s not a lot of extra work because I mean, ONE PER DAY. That’s pretty darn manageable! I also had this feeling that my daughter might be able to feel the pee more and be more aware of going in the night which would help getting her out of diapers for night time all together. Now I have no idea if this is such a thing, but I figured it was worth a try. So far we have had more dry nights then with disposable, but there has been a few mornings where she tells me she didn’t pee, but she did. So who knows…

Okay, so here I am, mom to a 3 year old, cloth diaper virgin, yet I have this awesome idea to switch to cloth for night time, but I have NO IDEA where to start. I went online, started looking at a few shops, I clicked on their “Night Time Solutions” sections and still, NO IDEA. So many options, how am I supposed to know?

Are you thinking the same thing? Don’t worry, I’ll walk you though what we did and hopefully you can find it useful to also get started with cloth for night time. If you’re a cloth vetran, let me know if I’ve got anything wrong! 

How We Made the Switch to Cloth for Night Time at 3 Years Old!

Getting Started

The first person I thought to ask about cloth was Maman Loup’s Den. If you’ve never heard of Lindsay, make sure to pop over to her blog and have a read! Her eco friendly blog, based out of Alberta has a lot of resources, including great information about cloth diapering. I read a few of her posts about night time solutions, but being that I knew NOTHING about cloth diapering I was still unsure on where to start so I sent Lindsay an email. She was really helpful and steered me in the direction of Super Undies.

Super Undies

I purchased 2 pairs of Super Undies with two microfibre inserts. Each insert was two pieces, with a smaller one that goes inside. I measured my daughter based on the sizing chart online and figured she would be a size 2. I also emailed with the shop owner to check to see if my order made sense. As it turns out, the size 2 was too big around the waist so I exchanged them for a size 1. One of the items was out of stock so I received an extra insert with my new order of size 1. Thank goodness because we needed it.

Note for cloth virgins: NEVER put microfibre against the skin. Seems logical right? You’d think, but I didn’t realize this….thanks to my friends on Instagram stories for helping me out! As you’ll see in the photo, there is a note on the Apple Cheeks one that microfibre should not be placed on the skin, but either I cut it off or the Super Undies one did not come with this label! (The Apple Cheeks were purchased after the Super Undies, which is why I did not realize this at first).

The two inserts on the far right are for the Super Undies. So after several nights of leaking through and doing bedding laundry plus cloth diapers I finally tried adding the second liner in. We found that we needed three layers to prevent leakage. One complete layer (the big and small ones together) plus either an extra small one inside or an extra larger one underneath. So that extra layer I received due to the mix up with my order was actually a must!

The layers do go in easily and it is self explanatory. Well except for the microfibre part, make sure that isn’t against their skin!

Super Undies Fit

The fit was okay. The waist was perfect, but the legs were a bit tight and they are not adjustable.

Super Undies Review

Pros – I like that they are very easy to put together and go on. No snaps or buttons required.

Cons – The fit isn’t 100% because they aren’t adjustable. The waist fit great for my daughter, but they are a tad bit tight around the legs. I guess you could add different liners in, but the shape is specific for the Super Undies and I don’t love the fabric. Once I realized the microfibre should be down it was better, but not as soft as the Apple Cheeks (see below). They were also a bit more costly then other options I’ve seen.

Overall, they were a great first try for us and they do work and we do use them, however I didn’t love them. This led me to trying different options. I searched all over northern BC to find a shop that carries cloth and a friend of mine recommended Cozy Bums.

Apple Cheeks

The ladies at Cozy Bums in Prince George were both super helpful. They recommended the Apple Cheeks size 2 with the Apple Cheeks micro terry insert and Thirsties hemp insert. This was the perfect combo for us. No leakage at all. They are easy to put together too. Just fold the Thirsties in 3, put the liner on top and stuff them all inside!

Make sure to check out Cozy Bums TODAY because they have an Earth Day sale going on!

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Apple Cheeks Fit

The fit was good. They are more forgiving around the legs and just a bit softer all around. These are size 2 and my 3.5 year old is on the last snaps. I’m sure they will be fine until she is out of them (fingers crossed), but I may have gotten a 3 had I actually tried them on her 🙂

Apple Cheeks Review

Pros – They fit great and I like that they are adjustable. No leakage problems. They are very soft on the skin and appear to be comfortable.

Cons – They are a diaper, not a pull up. Although this may be a pro or con because I do really like that they are adjustable for sizing purposes. Due to the fun patterns my daughter doesnt seem to mind that its a “diaper like pull up.”


There are so many new things to learn about cloth diapering when you first start, but once you get the hang if it, it’s pretty straight forward. I was lucky enough to have help from lots of my Instagram friends and shop owners, including advice on washing. After about a month I started noticing a pee smell so I figured I better look into washing. After I made the following changes, the smell went away and I haven’t had a problem since!

This is what I’ve learnt (and do) from other people and reading about washing cloth diapers:

  • Rinse pee out in the morning and place in wet bag
  • Use tide (powder) laundry detergent (so many people recommended this, I felt like I was going back in time using it, but it works!)
  • Wash on hot
  • Wash with a full load
  • Hang the liners to dry and dry the inserts in the dryer

Feel free to leave any other washing tips you may have in the comments!

Bum Cream

Another thing I learnt was not to use petroleum based creams like those zinc creams, for bum rashes because they can stain and reduce absorbency. I haven’t tried it, but I’ve heard the GroVia Magic Stick is a good option. You can get it at Cozy Bums too!

What are your thoughts on cloth for night time?

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