Struggle with gift giving? I know.. me too! I’ve complied a list of my favourite (small shop) gifts that will hopefully give you some inspiration when shopping for the ones you love. YES, that does include YOURSELF. I love my husband dearly, but gift giving is not really one of his stronger qualities. To give him a little help in that department (and because I’m very forgetful) I created a Pinterest Wish List Board. This way he can check it out, or anyone else, whenever they want to get some inspiration! I love to give gifts, but I struggle to give meaningful gifts. I feel like I have so much stuff in my life that sometimes, even when I want to give a gift to someone, I just don’t want to give “stuff.” At least when I’m able to purchase handmade or from small shops it is meaningful to me, to the seller and hopefully to the receiver.

So here it is, my favourite small shop ideas for Mother’s Day! And in my books, Mother’s Day is everyday, so shop away ladies!


Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mama Bear Mug by Farm n’ Fancy in Carrot River, SK

I absolutely love this mug and get a ton of use out of it! The quality is excellent and I’ve actually gotten rid of my million other leaky travel mugs! All you need is one good one, right? This mug is handmade in Carrot River, Saskatchewan and it can be purchased on Etsy. Click HERE to shop!

Mommy & Me Headbands by Sew Bright Creations in Smithers, BC

Yeah thats me. But seriously, everyone needs a Sew Bright Headband! They are made with designer knit fabrics making them super soft and stretchy. They are available as Mommy and Me sets or individually. I wear mine running (wait, I don’t really run anymore, but I used to wear mine running), doing yard work, bad hair days, camping (love them for keeping that camping hair in tact), working out (well I don’t really work out, but this would be a good use for them) and for keeping the wind out of my ears! They are also great when its cool out, but not quite cold enough for a hat. Get yours HERE.

Cute Signs by Sweet Peas and Honey Bees in Rosetown, SK

I have several signs handmade by Natasha of Sweet Peas and Honey Bees because they are super adorable and even better made and that says a lot coming from a picky maker myself. These signs are painted, not vinyl. YES, gorgeous. This little #momlife sign resides in my sewing room, but often appears in my photos, like this one with some Sew Bright Headbands! Check out Sweet Peas and Honey Bees on Etsy HERE. I’m not sure when she’s adding more items to her shop, but I’m sure if you send Natasha a message she’ll be able to let you know!

Mom Life Must Haves in USA

Speaking of Mom Life, how about this Mom Brain shirt? Not only do I love the saying, but its a super comfortable shirt and stellar colour! I also got one for my mom last year that says “Love this Grandma Life.” I do prefer to shop in Canada, but I could not resist buying from this shop. Check them out HERE.

Curious on how to cure your mom brain? Read more HERE.

Simplified Planner by Emily Ley – USA

One way I attempt to curb my mom brain is by keeping a planner. Since I’ve started writing in my planner, I cannot live without! I also heard there are new Simplified Planners coming out every soon! These planners are a bit on the pricer side (the only downfall for me), but it makes it even a better gift idea. Something useful for me, but something I may not buy myself.

You can read more about my Simplified Planner HERE.

Colouring Aprons by Sew Bright Creations in Smithers, BC

Looking for a relaxing activity in the evening that does not require much thought? We have all heard about how therapeutic colouring can be, so why not colour an apron?! At least you get to keep it! These also come in kids sizes and can be coloured on with washable or permanent markers. Check them out HERE.

Don’t those watermelon popsicles look yummy? Get the recipe HERE!

Jewellery Rack by Timber Grove Studios in Moncton, NB

Okay so fully disclaimer. I do not have this, but I totally WANT it! You definitely need to check out this handmade shop in New Brunswick for some cute ideas! Click HERE to have a look!

Look at this bath tray! Now we are talking!

Photos from Timber Grove Studios on Etsy.

Plants from anywhere!

I also love to receive plants! Inside plants (because apparently mine are disposable) or outdoor ones because it is the season! Tomatoes, flowers, anything! Plants make great gifts! If you have little ones they could also help pick them out or decorate the planter.

What Are Your Favourite Mother’s Day Gift Ideas?

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