I’ve made a lot of changes to Sew Bright Creations over the past year and although you’ve seen parts of it through Facebook and Instagram, I figured it was time to give you a real update!

Markets …

I started my Etsy shop just over 3 years ago when we lived in Saskatchewan and have been so fortunate to transfer this little gig with us to BC. Over the past year I made the decision not to do any markets and only sell online. This was an attempt to find a balance between my family, work out of the home (at the time), sewing and selling/packing the house. The only exception was our Lemonade for Wishes fundraiser for Make-A-Wish and we hope to do that again! During this time I was able to focus strictly on Etsy/online sales and I was shipping all over the world!


Now fast forward to being settled in BC, I have decided to take on markets this year to share Sew Bright Creations with Northern BC. I had my first market yesterday, The Nest Market and it was great! It was a small group of local entrepreneurs who focus on baby, kids and mom.

Next up is this weekend (May 12th), the start of the Bulkley Valley Farmer’s Market! Although the Farmer’s Market runs every Saturday, I will only be there 1-2 times per month. Again…trying to maintain that balance! I should have a schedule out shortly that I’ll share on my social media and maybe website…if I can figure that out!

In between the Farmer’s Markets I will be heading to Prince George for the Little Bean Market on June 16th at the Roll-A- Dome! I’m super pumped for this handmade market! So that’s it for scheduled markets this year, but if you know of a market in Northern BC where you’d love to see Sew Bright Creations, please let me know!

But, that’s not all…

There have also been changes for what I carry in my shop. I love trying new things and have a lot of fun testing and launching new products, however it is also very time consuming. I’ve started to re-focus and streamline the products that I offer in order to better serve you and this business. Some of these changes include only offering items seasonally, offering less options for some items and launching new products seasonally. These changes are all helping me keep up with the demand and I greatly appreciate your support as I work through these growing pains!

You may have noticed that scarves are no longer available as they will re-launch at the end of summer in time for fall. Dresses also just launched and most of them sold out! I have reserved a few for markets and will re-launch some more in another month or so. Items like the bibs, headbands and beanies are staples and will be around all year!

As always, if there is something you’re looking for, but don’t see it in my Etsy Shop, make sure to send me a message! I have hoards of fabric (literally) and I’ll always try my best to accommodate your request!

I have discontinued (at least for now), the Georgia Crop, not because I don’t love it, but because the dresses are keeping me super busy as it is! The good news is, you can still get a Sew Bright Georgia Crop from King’s Castle in Lawson Heights Mall, Saskatoon! Not local? Send them a message!

It’s always a balancing act for me, trying to figure out what products work, what don’t, how much time to allocate to my business, my family and how everything fits together. I feel like I’ve made a lot of progress over the past year, but I also know that it is a work in progress!

Most importantly, I really do appreciate all the support and encouragement from my friends, family and followers along to way!. Whether you are new or have been around a while, THANK YOU!

If there are any changes you’d like to see, have suggestions or favourite products, please leave them in the comments! Thanks for reading!

This post is NOT sponsored. The opinions and photos are of Sew Bright Creations’.

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