Do you ever completely unplug? We don’t think twice about re-charging our electronics, but what about us? We need to re-charge ourselves too. Although being connected through the internet has opened my world and allowed me to have a home based business, I think we all need to allow ourselves to have a break from it all. We need that, for our own mental health.

We spent the past week at our family’s cabin (Nadina Lake Lodge) and it is the perfect place to unplug because there is no cell service! I’ve had a lot going on lately and just felt like I needed a break and to allow myself to just let go. There are so many reasons why it’s healthy to unplug from everyone else’s lives that are constantly in your face through social media and reflect on what’s right in front of you.

{Headbands pictured in the feature photo are handmade by Sew Bright Creations. My daughter is wearing the adult size because I forgot hers and we were trying to keep the bugs out of her hair! These headbands have been such a hit this summer and will be available, including new fabrics, on Etsy as soon as it re-launches this week!}

When I unplug I find it easier to focus on what’s right there, my daughter, my family and myself. It always feels so good to connect with the people around you by talking around the campfire, playing cards or enjoying a meal together. I even had time to start a new book!

I challenge you to unplug on your next family vacation or getaway, or even try it at home for a day or two. Here’s a few tips to help you get started!

1. Go Where You Have to Unplug

If you want to try completely unplugging, but don’t want to be tempted then go where there is no cell service or internet. You’ll have no choice, but I promise, you’ll learn to love it. This is one of many reasons that I love Nadina Lake. It’s been a very special place in my family for now 60 years and I love being able to share it with my daughter and husband. It’s rustic and remote and will take you a step back to how life used to be, but it’s a honest, hardworking life, that I think makes you more appreciative. You can read more HERE.

There’s nothing like having an old school bath in a wash basin!

2. Turn Your Phone OFF

Do you have specific routines or activities where you turn your phone off completely? I’ll be honest, I’m better at 3 & 4 below, but if there are specific things like family supper that are important to you then why not just turn off the phones for one hour every night so you can enjoy face to face conversation? Don’t you think that’s worth it?

3. Have “No Screen” Zones

I can remember when iPhones really became big and iPads were a new thing. At that time we had several no screen time rules in the house. We have gotten soft on them, but it might be time to resurrect them! Some no screen zones for you might be at the table while eating, bedtime or while doing activities out of the house or outside. I am still strong about the bedtime one and always have my phone in a different room or on silent (if it’s charging) while putting my daughter to bed.

For my daughter, we also have no screen time before noon. Keep in mind, there are exceptions to every rule because we are human and do have some rough days, but generally speaking we reserve any TV for an afternoon break, if it’s needed. I find having this structure helps for me not caving and turning on the TV all the time and it makes it easier if she asks before lunch because she knows it’s not something we normally do. There are still lots of days where she does not watch any TV, but at least she knows that it’s not an option for the first half of the day.

Over the past 7 days at the cabin, my 3.5 year old never once asked for TV. She had zero screen time and it didn’t even phase her. She was so busy playing with toys in the cabin or outside on the beach, helping with chores and exploring that she didn’t even think about it! It was a different story when we got home though, as soon as she saw the TV she was asking! If it’s not in their face, they find other things to do!

4. Leave it at Home

If you think you’ll be tempted then just leave it at home. When I am out exploring solo with my daughter I do like to bring my phone incase anything were to happen, but you can always bring it and turn it off, or leave it on silent. Or at least hide it in your backpack somewhere so it’s there if you need it, but not right in your fingertips the whole time! This is also why I love brining my camera with me. If I have my camera, then I feel less tempted to be using my phone and getting distracted with other apps, like my Instagram stories, lol. Don’t get my wrong, I love to be able to share certain parts of my life and hopefully inspire others through connecting online, but we do all need a break!

Next time you go out for supper, go to a friends, a hike or fishing, try leaving your phones or iPad at home! Take an old school camera if you’d like to snap a few photos, the quality will likely be better anyways!

5. Turn Off Notifications

What makes you reach for your phone or electronic device? A sound, alert, text message, email or Facebook notification? How many notifications do you get in a day? I feel like I get a ton! Too many! How about turn off notifications? Do you really need to get that Facebook alert RIGHT NOW and do you really NEED to answer it RIGHT NOW?

I struggle with this A LOT. When you run your own business you want to be able to answer people immediately because that’s good service, right? Although I know people love an answer right away, if you’ve been my customer for a while now, you may notice that I don’t answer messages as promptly as I once did. I burnt out. It was too much keeping up, so I now answer messages when I have the time to properly reply, giving it my full attention. Instead of a quick message while being distracted doing something else, I wait until I have time to focus on what I am doing, then I reply. I may also reply letting you know when I will be able to get back with more detail. This is helpful to reduce any anxiety about returning messages, just let people know you received the message and you’ll reply in full when you get home or in the evening, etc. This takes the pressure off too!

If you follow along my Instagram, you’ll know I love to share on my stories, but you’ll also know I don’t share EVERYTHING. I do take time to unplug because I really do think it’s important.

I want to know what you think? Do you ever unplug?

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