Ever been asked a personal or awkward question? Probably…and I’m sure you’ve asked someone a question you shouldn’t have. I know I have. In fact, I have asked one of the 3 questions on my list and felt totally embarrassed. I still feel bad about it.

We all have baggage, we all have things going on in our lives and there is often more to the eye and more to our social media accounts then what you see. If someone wants to share, they will, so don’t pry. Just don’t. I’ve seen a few people sharing lately about different topics and keeping your thoughts to yourself and I felt inspired to share my thoughts on this too. There have been several times I was going to post this, but for whatever reason I didn’t. Probably for fear or what people would say or then assume about me, but I’m okay with that now. Think what you want, just please take this to heart and stop asking people these 3 questions. It’s not your place nor your business. It’s not mine either.

This doesn’t apply to close friends obviously. If you discuss these topics in regular conversation and go for it. I am referring to people you barely know or people who you do not have personal conversations with.

Stop Asking These 3 Questions

1. Family Planning

Do you really think it is your place to ask someone how many kids they are planning to have? If they are having any kids? Or why they just have the one kid? What about, your little one needs a brother or sister, when are you going to have another? You better get having more kids because they are just so cute. You get it…

I swear, the minute my daughter was born I got asked this question constantly! Not only is is super annoying and none of anyone’s business, but there are a lot of people out there who struggle with this. Maybe they long so much for a child and would give anything for that. You know what heart strings you’re pulling on EVERY TIME they get asked that? Ever think about that? Maybe they choose not to have children, that’s TOTALLY okay so don’t make them feel any different. Next time you find yourself asking this question, think about all the possible reasons why someone does not have children or more children, then ask yourself if you really want to be unloaded on and hear all those potential answers. I’m guessing the answer is NO, so just DON”T ASK!

2. Alcohol

I get how common alcohol is in most people’s daily lives, but it is also a terrible addiction that some people work incredibly hard to battle so can we try to be a bit more respectful of this? I’ve never been much of a drinker (minus a few university days, lol), BUT I get so annoyed when people ask me about drinking. If you offer someone a drink and they refuse, just leave it at that. Done. End of conversation. Move on. Why can’t people move on? Just because a women says no it does not mean she is pregnant. Just because someone else says no, it does not mean they are an alcoholic or a party pooper or lame. Maybe they actually want to have a good time and remember it AND feel good the next day. Why is that such a bad thing? You don’t know peoples reasons for not drinking and there can be so many different ones. Respect that fact.

3. Weight

Whatever the comment is, just shut it. Seriously. Too much weight, not enough weight, it happens to all of us and who are we to judge anyone else’s weight. Have you ever asked anyone if they are pregnant when they aren’t? I’m super embarrassed to admit that I have. Once. Never again. If you have to ask someone if they are pregnant then thats your first clue, you should not ask! Trust me, you’ll know if someone is pregnant. Tell someone they look good, but don’t relate it to their weight unless you know 100%, without a doubt that they were trying to lose or gain weight. Maybe they were not well and lost a lot of weight unintentionally, maybe they worked super hard, maybe it’s something else. Or tell someone they look great and if they want to talk more about it, THEY WILL!

What questions do you think people should stop asking?


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