One of the things on our bucket list this summer was to canoe Lake Kathlyn. It’s so beautiful, minutes from our house and a family friend offered to lend us their canoe! Although it was on our bucket list, I had ZERO intentions of actually blogging about it. When our little canoe adventure happened there was very little planning or thought put into it. It was one of those pack a lunch, fill the water bottles, grab the kid and go type of afternoon adventure. HOWEVER, after only minutes of canoeing, I quickly realized that a little pre-planning with regards to “how to canoe,” would have gone a LONG WAYS! So, let me help you out and spare you your marriage!


Read these tips to your spouse (and let’s just hope mine reads them too!). Maybe if the advice is coming from someone else, they’ll take it better!


How to Survive Canoeing with your Spouse

1. Talk before you go

Don’t make the mistake we did and try and sort out “how to canoe,” when you are going zig zag across the lake in the wind. Just don’t do it. You could easily start the conversation by mentioning that this super awesome chic who’s blog you enjoy reading was just talking about their latest canoe adventure. See, I’ve got you covered 😉

2. The Person in the Front (Bow) is Supposed to Set the Pace

If you are in the front, you paddle as you can. Switch sides when you need or when you’re directed to (see #3). You set the pace and the person in the back is supposed to follow and steer (#3). You should NOT be the one who is switching sides to try and straighten out the canoe. You are NOT steering.

3. The Person in the Back (Stern) is Supposed to Steer

That’s right. You steer. Don’t assume that because the canoe is going in a circle the person in the bow will correct it. You follow the pace of the person in the front, but you steer. Switch sides and actually steer using your paddle. You should be happy to know that you are “in charge” but that means you need to keep that canoe in line. Yes, you! *insert husband’s name here, lol* #mostlykidding

4. Paddle in Sync

This is not the time to see who is the better paddler, who is stronger or who is more macho. Especially when it’s windy. In a canoe is never the time for this. More then anything you need to be a team and work together. It’s the ultimate marriage test! You’ll be much better off if you can paddle in sync. This does not mean the person in the rear yells at the person in the front to paddle faster. Remember, the person in the front sets the speed.

We survived and so can you!

Let’s hear your canoeing experiences with your spouse or other tips? Share them in the comments!

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