It’s that time of year again, back to school and the start of all the activities. Even though my daughter is not yet in school, I still feel pressure to put her in all the activities. Anyone else? I’m honestly not totally sure how I feel about putting my child in organized activities prior to starting school. I definitely have mixed feelings about it.

If you have older kids in activities, I get it. They likely want to participate to and you’re already running around for them, so whats another kid, right? My daughter did gymnastics for a few months at 3 and then one class of swimming lesson this past spring. She sure loved it and I will definitely be putting her in swimming again. For me, this one is especially important because I’m not a huge water person myself so the thought of teaching her swimming is overwhelming for me. I thought about putting her in skating, but it’s in the evening (bad time for us early to bed people) plus I grew up skating and can teach her this on my own for now. She does go to preschool twice a week and then if we do a bit of swimming that will be enough for us. For some reason though I still feel like we should be doing more? Does anyone else feel this way? In this day nothing ever seems like enough.

Until we have to be home 5 days a week for school I don’t want to be held down by extracurricular activities. As much as I do love routine and structure, I also love being able to pack and go at a moments notice. Whether we are off to visit my husband when he’s working away, visit Grammy and Poppa at the cabin or just head out for a weekend adventure somewhere it is nice not to be held down to anything.

I want to know what you think? Are you pro activities for your kids? Or are you more free range style? 

There are also a lot of drop in type programs if you are looking to socialize your kids, such as Strong Start. You can read more about it on the Northern BC Moms website, HERE. Theres other programs at the library and different events around town too that we can decided to go to last minute. That’s more my style đŸ˜‰

My daughter wanted to do dance this year, but it’s a full school year. As much as I’m sure she would love it, I honestly can’t commit to that long of a program, at least not at this age. I do feel some mom guilt, but I just can’t do it. We don’t have a Monday to Friday schedule that is the same every week and I feel like she has the rest of her school career for this stuff. It might be different if my husband had a Monday to Friday job and was home every evening, but he is not. One thing at a time for this momma!

Instead of signing up for dance, my daughter was so fortunate to have these adorable ballerina slippers gifted to her. They are handmade by Upside Down Wow, made in Saskatchewan. You can check them out on Facebook and Instagram! The husband and wife duo behind this creative bootie business provided the ballerina booties to us in exchange for a review. I love to be able to support other small shops as much as possible, but keep in mind I will always provide an honest review! My daughter ABSOLUTELY LOVES her slippers, she wears them in the house, all day. I even put on some ballerina music and we had a lot of fun playing “ballet.”

These booties, or slippers as we call them, are very well made and I love that my daughter can easily put them on herself. They fit great too. I traced my daughter’s foot on a piece of paper and measured the length. It was an easy way to make sure you are ordering the right size. It’s nice that they come in the larger sizes and can fit my almost 4 year old as lots of times these types of booties are made for babies only.


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