Has the start of the year got you motivated? I’ve been making a few extra lists these days, but no matter the time of year, lists have always been a part of my life. Yes, I am that crazy list lady. I make lists for myself, lists for my husband, lists of my lists and, well, it never really ends!

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Whether it’s a good thing or not (some will say NOT), my list making addiction is rubbing off on a little someone else in my house. I usually have my day planner with me while my daughter and I eat breakfast I look at it and jot down anything important that needs to get done for that day. Recently I noticed my daughter started bringing her book to the table and scribbling in it. When I went to tell her to put it away so we could eat breakfast, I realized, she’s just copying me! I decided to take the opportunity to work on her printing and practicing days of the week (because she’s ALWAYS asking what day it is) and I made some lists just for her. 

Are you a list maker? I don’t know how to live without making lists, they are pretty much a part of me! 

It’s not just about making a list. 

If you’re trying to practice days of the week, learning about the weather, printing or planning activities then lists are perfect for that! They’ll have so much fun “making a list,” they won’t realize all the learning that is happening. Ask my daughter if she wants to practice printing and she’ll say no, but if we do a fun activity or write a card or name on a drawing then she’s all in. It’s not about what you do, it’s about how you do it. 

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