Struggling with a teething baby? If that’s you, then all I have to say is I’m so sorry! It sucks, it’s stressful, but just remember, it will pass! Hopefully the tips below will help ease you AND your baby’s pain, just a little bit! 

My daughter is now 4, but I can remember being so frustrated when she was teething. She had the biggest neck rolls, the worst neck rash from all the drool and there were times were I felt she was completely inconsolable. It was hard. Parenting is hard. 

So it’s only taken me 4 years to come up with this post, but here it is, FINALLY! From one momma to another, here are My Top Tips for Teething Babies! 

My Top Tips for Teething Babies

1. First of all, recognize that you are going to be tired and frustrated, you aren’t alone and it will pass. The sooner you accept that, the better off you’ll be. Once you get it in your head that this phase is not forever, you’ll be able to allow yourself more patience in the moment to deal with a super crabby baby. I wish I would have had this mindset at the time.

I believe there are things you can do to help console your baby, but I also believe you should be prepared for the moments when you feel like you’ve tried everything and don’t know what else to do. It’s okay to feel that way. You’re not a bad parent at all, it’s just the simple fact that teething sucks! 

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2. Drool bibs were made for a reason! As I mentioned above, my daughter had a terrible neck rash from all the drool. This is when I started making Sew Bright Drool Bibs. I tried so many different creams and lotions and I felt like it was impossible to keep her rolls clean. And let’s be honest, if you miss cleaning any part it can get really nasty and stinky! The drool bibs definitely helped in keeping her clothes dry and keeping as much moisture as possible out of the rolls to prevent the rash.

One thing I really love about our bibs is if you fold the top part down (towards the inside of the bib, shown in the photo above) then it creates an extra layer of fabric that rests right up against baby’s skin to really absorb as much moisture as possible. All Sew Bright Bibs also have two snaps at the back so they are adjustable from about age 3 or 4 months to age 2 years! They really are great for toddlers, especially for eating/drinking on the go when independence is prime! 

There are 56 options available in my Etsy shop, just click HERE to see for yourself! I’ve also been working on my solid colour collection! I think I need to add some sort of yellow, what do you think? 


I also recently added these new ORGANIC COTTON bibs! I’m so proud to be able to offer more sustainable solutions!

3. Rub their gums. Make sure your finger is clean, then try rubbing their gums for a couple minutes. Yes, it will likely take a few tries to get your finger in there, but it might be just the relief your baby needs! We also soaked facecloths in water, froze them and let my daughter suck on it (supervised of course) and she seemed to really like it. I can imagine it would have felt good on her gums!  

There’s a lot of other products out there, those food net things and such, we tried some of it, but I think the frozen facecloth worked just fine! If they are eating solids there are lots of frozen berries or other foods you could, provided they are safe for your babe!

4. Safe Teethers are also a great option!  I’m pretty sure my daughter had one of the kinds with liquid that you put in the freezer, but apparently you’re supposed to avoid the liquid ones! I guess if they were to pop or burst that could be really bad! I love the teething products from Teether Totter because they are BPA and lead free, Canadian made and not to mention they are super adorable! I’ve teamed up with this momma run shop to give away one of her super cute bear teeters and a Sew Bright Bib. Check below on how to enter! Baby’s love to put things in their mouths so make sure it is something that is safe! 

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I just love these cute wood teething rings! Aren’t they absolutely adorable? You’ll also find rings with beads only, pacifier clips and so many different patterns! I also love the ones that you can clip onto a bib, clothing or baby carrier! 

5. A spoonful of medicine might help! If you’ve exhausted all your options you might just want to give some sort of pain reliever (Tyleonol or Advil) a try. I’m not a health care professional, so you do the reasearch on what’s best for your babe. I can remember sitting on the bathroom floor so lost in what to do to try and soothe my baby. I felt like I had tried everything. She didn’t have a fever so I thought I shouldn’t get her medicine, but I just didn’t know what else to do. So I did and let me tell you, it helped! Helped enough to get her to bed! 

The gels that are for naming apparently aren’t recommended by the Canadian Dental Association because they can also numb baby’s throat so I don’t recommend them. Stick with Tylenol/Advil or what you know is safe. 

6. Wine! Or whatever your drink of choice is, or if you don’t drink or are nursing, then treat yourself to anything that makes you feel good. You’ll be tired so try and be mindful about taking some time for yourself, even just little bits at a time. Now is the time to ask for help or at least don’t say no when people offer! Cash in those rain cheques, you’ll thank yourself later that you did! And just remember, it too shall pass. 

7. I really think extra snuggles and love, something to chew on, something to help with the extra drool (if your baby is super drooly), maybe a bit of medicine and something for your own mental health what you need! We tried several different products out there, but my baby wasn’t into any of it and usually it was more of a pain and costly then practical. I do know people who swear by those Amber necklaces though and I’ve heard the Camilia Homeopathic Teething Relief has worked for some (we never tried this)! I’ll include a couple links below in case you are interested because I know every baby is different and what didn’t work for us, might work for you! 

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