Hello Fresh must be doing a good job at marketing because I see so many people trying it and it definitely got me curious! I looked into it about a year ago and remember thinking that I thought it was expensive for what you get, so I never purchased at that time. More recently, I received a 55% off coupon in a Children’s Place order that was gifted to my daughter so I thought, why not look into this again. I’ve also been uninspired in the kitchen lately and in a season of life where I felt like I could use a little extra help in the kitchen, even more reason to look into using that coupon! Did I mention this momma loves a good deal too?


I ended up ordering 3 meals and I thought I would share with you my completely honest review! I do have a code for 40% off for you, however this post is not sponsored at all! If you order using my code I do get a $25 credit, BUT I really want to emphasize that I am not here to promote Hello Fresh, I wanted to give you guys my thoughts on it because I was really curious myself and a bit skeptical. 


You can order HERE and use code JMTHOMPS to save that $40! 

This Steelhead meal was one of our top two favorites and also super easy and the quickest to cook up!

Why was I skeptical? There are a few reasons. For one, I try to buy food locally as much as I can and I also don’t buy a lot of packaged things, even packaged produce. I don’t know, broccoli cut in plastic bags just doesn’t sound as good as a head of broccoli in the produce section. Is it just me? It seems like those packaged things, like the bagged salads, just go bad and get sweaty in there and stink. Obviously lots of people buy it, it’s just not normally my thing. So that’s another reason, I didn’t want to get gross vegetables in all these prepackaged containers. A third thing, we live far from any major city so how was my food actually going to stay fresh if it took days to get here? That whole part of it kind creeped me out. I know, sensitive about my food over here. Hmm, what else… well I wasn’t sure if we would actually like the meals, especially my daughter. Basically my biggest concern was the quality of the food. I also don’t love the idea of it being so wasteful. Extra packaging for individual items, kinda wasteful right? I was actually surprised by this, I’ll share more below. 

Of course I was a little concerned about the price, but I ended up getting it for about $36 (I think that’s what it was) for 3 meals that feed 2 people. For that price, I thought it was a good deal! Now that you know what I was concerned about, I’m going to share how it actually was! 

This was my favorite for sure and I will definitely be making it again. I love that the directions are easy to follow and that you can make them over and over again with your own ingredients. I added extra broccoli to this one 🙂

First Impression

Well, there I was, 4:30pm on Tuesday looking up the tracking because it was supposed to arrive Tuesday, that’s what the website said anyways. I found the Purolator tracking number and the tracking details didn’t actually have a delivery time, so I phoned them. Yes, ma’am your order is on schedule for delivery tomorrow (Wednesday). So, there I was, scrambling at 4:30pm to make a last minute supper! The Purolator employee said that sometimes it is two days delivery in harder to reach areas, but one of my Instagram Followers also mentioned that it arrives a day late following a long weekend and this was right after Easter Weekend, so it could have been for one of the above reasons. Anyways, didn’t leave me with the best first impression, but my box did arrive the following day. You can also select to leave it on your front step if you aren’t home, so it’s there when you get off work! First thing, I checked to make sure everything was cool. To my surprise, it was. There was an ice pack inside at the bottom, with the meat and everything was very cool. The box itself is also insulated. I was happy to see that. 


Even though everything is prepackaged, I will say, I was happy to see that things that didn’t need packaging didn’t have it, like potatoes, garlic, ginger, etc. Most other things had packaging, some dinners had more than others depending on what the recipe required. It would be nice if there was an option to exclude things like rice vinegar, soya sauce, mayonnaise, etc, if you already have them at home then it would reduce packaging waste. Maybe this will be an option in the future.  

One thing I wasn’t expecting that I did like was there was NO food waste. We ate everything, no leftovers and you are provided with the right amount of everything for what you need. So although there may be additional waste with packaging, you aren’t wasting any extra food. Most of the packaging is also recyclable. 


Yes, I smelt the bag of beans and bag of broccoli and I still trimmed the ends and of course washed them. Did it smell rotten? No. I do have a good nose too. So I guess it passed my freshness test, but broccoli from a bag still isn’t my first choice 🙂 

When I added extra potatoes I did notice that mine were much juicer when I cut into them but I wouldn’t say the Hello Fresh ones looked “old” by any means.

 Portions + Kid Friendly

I wouldn’t say I was worried about this when I ordered, but I will say it is something to consider. I ordered the meal for 2. It would be nice if there was an option for 3, but it was either 2 or 4. I didn’t want to order 4 because I figured you’d be left with only a small amount of leftovers and not enough to feed us all for lunch the next day. For the extra money it cost I didn’t think it was worth it so I went with 2. For each dinner that I cooked, I added something extra. Extra veggies, extra potatoes and I’m so glad I did. We had just enough for the 3 of us with no leftovers. And let’s be honest, my 4 year old doesn’t eat a lot. In fact she didn’t eat much of these meals other then the vegetables. So if you are wondering if they are kid friendly, well it totally depends on what your kid eats! If yours likes things really plain without sauces then I would say they are somewhat friendly in that you can take some veggies out, before adding sauce, but in general I wouldn’t say they are geared toward young children. If you’re kids eat anything, then you’re probably not worried if the meals are “kid friendly!” 

This one was my least favorite, but it was still good. I guess I prefer my potatoes not smothered in sour cream, however, my husband did love it. The pork chops were good, but my husband probably could have eaten both of them! The portions are not for very big eaters.

My Overall Impression

It was a nice change in the kitchen and helpful for me to get through a few more meals, but I cannot see it being a regular thing for us. Especially with summer coming up and having my own garden and access to the Farmer’s Market, I would much rather spend my money locally, but in winter time or when in a season where you could use some extra help in the kitchen to cook overall healthy meals (not take out) that are relatively quick and will save you money, then yes, I do recommend Hello Fresh. All the recipes I followed said 30 minutes, but I would allow yourself closer to 40/45 minutes. Click here if you want to give it a try and make sure to use code JMTHOMPS to save $40! If you don’t want to continue each week then either skip a week or unsubscribe! 


Another TIP, I didn’t always add as much salt or butter or oil that it called for and the meals all still tasted great, so just know that you can modify it for your liking. I also love that you can keep the recipes for future use!

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