Have you ever been adventuring with your kids and they hurt themselves? OR maybe it was you! If not, then count yourself lucky, but don’t think it will never happen. Fact is, you never know when or where someone will get hurt, so why not be prepared? It’s SO easy to carry a small first aid kit in your backpack. I’ve gotten much better at this the past couple years and have used it a few times. Extra water and a rag or kleenex goes a long way in a pinch, but a first aid kit is even better. 

How else do you prepare yourself before adventuring with kids? Do you let someone know where you are going, when you’ll be back, who you are with? It takes only a few extra minutes to do these things and they could be a life saver in the event of an emergency. Maybe it’s the years of my dad being in Search in Rescue or those early days of girl guides, but I really do think it is important to always be prepared. I’ve seen what can happen if you’re not, things can go downhill quickly. 

You never know! 

You can’t predict when someone is going to get hurt, so save yourself some anxiety and just be prepared! My daughter had a couple wipe outs when we were hiking a few weeks ago and I was happy to have our first aid kit to be able to clean her knees and elbow up right away. It’s also much better (and easier) to get those gravel filled scrapes cleaned and covered sooner then later to reduce the risk of infection.

PRO TIP: Remember to restock your first aid kit as soon as you get home so it’s ready for your next adventure

She’s Back!

And just like that, with a little first aid, my model was back in action! Although you can tell she was slightly over it at that point, lol … 

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Get Prepared Now!

We have one small hiking size first aid kit for every day adventures, a larger one in each of our vehicles and one at home. At the very least I’d recommend carrying something in your vehicle. 

For $13 to $19 how can you not be prepared, so why not? We have had our kits for many years (clearly, because it says BC Rail, lol) and just keep replacing items as needed, but these two both look like awesome options for just getting going! They also make a great gift for the advenuring families in your life!


We are always restocking bandaids, anyone else? I have stopped buying fun prints because we seemed to be going through them just a little too often, but I did find a good deal on some Frozen ones, so I’ve included the link below. I’m picky about the type of bandaid, some really don’t stick well, but these are some of our favourites. 

The ones in the middle are my absolute favourite, they just seem to stay on really well, can be wrapped around knees, elbows and fingers. 

Don’t Forget …

I’d also recommend putting some Advil or Tylenol (kids and adults, but especially adults, haha) in your first aid kit. Just this weekend we were out adventuring with family and friends and out of 6 of us, I was the only one with Advil! You just never know when someone needs it.

If you are going where there are lots of bugs or other biting creatures, it’s a good idea to carry kids Benadryl too. I don’t have this in the First Aid kit, but I do take it with me to the cabin. Our two other must haves are Calamine Lotion and Bactine. I’m including links below because you need these in your life! We put both on bug bites and rashes and Bactine literally goes on EVERYTHING! It is great for cleaning and something that kids usually don’t mind. We call it the special spray and Calamine Lotion is the pink magic that takes the itch away! My 4 year old has gotten so many bug bites this year and both Calamine Lotion and Bactine have made it so she doesn’t scratch them. They really do work! 

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