Do you have kid(s) going back to school this year? Or starting school for the first time? Feeling excited, nervous, happy or ..? It’s the big K (kindergarten) for my girl and I’m honestly not sure how I feel! A part of me still can’t believe she’s almost 5 and going to school! I am excited for her, excited to have some more solo time, but definitely nervous, as I know she is too. I imagine the first few weeks will be a big change, for both of us, but like anything, we’ll get into a new groove 🙂

In the meantime, I’ve gotten ready with a few things and thought I’d share! I can remember back to school shopping was always a big deal, getting those new shoes and a couple special outfits. We didn’t get a ton of new clothes throughout the year, so back to school shopping was always special. 

First Day of School Outfit

What would the first day of school be without a Sew Bright dress!? I’m so excited for the new “Back to School” line, have you seen it? Check it out HERE! These dresses are so versatile. Wear them as is in warmer temps or pair with leggings or tights and a sweater or jean jacket for cooler temps! You can even put a long sleeve shirt underneath. Plus, when it gets too short, it can be worn as a tunic. Yes, they really are the best! Okay, maybe I am biased. 

And it really wouldn’t be a first day of school photo without a chalkboard sign, am I right? We got ours handmade by Vinyl Lee Custom Creations in Prince George, BC.

Shop Rainbow Back to School Dress HERE.


Of course a new backpack was in order! Growing up I had the best backpacks from Mountain Equipment Co-Op, but I couldn’t find one that I loved for my daughter so I ordered this one from Amazon. It is super cute, a great size, looks like it’s good quality and my daughter LOVES it! We got the kindergarten size, but there was also a larger size and lots of different print options! She used to have a Skip Hop backpack and I would also highly recommend them for little ones, but I thought it was time for something just a little bigger. 

Lunch Bag & Containers

We got this unicorn lunch bag from Munchkits in Saskatoon last year. It’s super cute and my daughter absolutely loves it. It is a little bit small if you are using large containers, but my daughter was also gifted the mermaid tail one, which I think we’ll use for school and save the unicorn one for snacks when out and about. 

Did you see my post about beeswax wraps? They make awesome packaging for lunches. Easy to wrap a sandwich, cookie, muffin, cut up veggies or whatever! I especially love the beeswax bags by Suzy’s Bees Wraps, they are so handy! My husband also loves them too because they are a no brainer to use!! Click HERE to read more about them!

Another cute option for handmade snack bags is One Twelfth Designs, handmade in Alberta. They are so adorable and the quality looks amazing! They’ve also got stainless straws, cleaning brushes and handmade pouches for them! You have to go check them out (Photo below is from their Etsy Shop).

Water Bottle

I’ve spent a lot of time and wasted a lot of money on water bottles! They all seem to leak! The last two different types I’ve bought have actually been good. No leaks and my 4 year old can open them! The purple one was purchased locally from Heartstrings and the other one came in a set of two and was purchased from Costco, but I found the exact same set on Amazon, I’ve included the link below, just click on the image under the “Shop this post” section. 


You guys know I love Mabel’s Labels! They are a Canadian company, free shipping, super durable product, reasonable pricing and just totally worth it! I ordered the back to school package for little ones and I’m loving the right/left shoe stickers! There are so many options for individual labels, clothing labels, shoe labels, labels for allergies and more! Check them out HERE! The shoe ones are the larger rainbows, one for the left and one for the right, so they know which foot is which! My daughter really needs help in this area so I’m super pumped for these ones 🙂

You can also read more about Mabel’s Labels in my previous blog post HERE

Memories – Storage

I started this plastic filing bin to hopefully easily store all the lovely papers and art work that are brought home! I’m pretty brutal when it comes to saving things, but I do plan to continue saving a few special pieces for each year and I think this system will be perfect for it. I think I got this filing bin from Costco, but I’ve linked a similar one below (check the, Shop this post section). I have one file for each grade, let’s see how well this goes! Does anyone else do this? If you have a different organization system, I’d love to hear about it!

I was also thinking about getting this school memory book from a small shop, located in Regina! I’m terrible at putting my own books together, it just never seems to happen, but this one looks awesome, okay I’ve convinced myself, brb while I go order it 🙂

Photo Credit: Kimberful Desisns Etsy Shop



Okay so not really a back to school essential, but I thought I would share anyways! I bought this workbook at the start of summer thinking my daughter would love working in it, especially at the cabin, but to be honest, she wasn’t really into it until recently. Now she loves it, go figure! It is a pretty good layout and I’d totally recommend it. We got it on Amazon, the link is below! They have ones for all different grades. It’s also a good price, in my opinion! I think as she gets into school it will be more fun for her to work in. 

I’m also going to share the “Breath like a Bear” book below. I HIGHLY recommend this one. It is full of short (one page) poems with breathing exercises. This is something we’ve been working on because my daughter gets really nervous about things. I’m hoping she’ll remember these tools and use them when she needs to. 

Shoes + Kleenex

The only two things that are required for my daughter’s school are indoor shoes and kleenex. We are not required to buy any school supplies because we bring money instead. How does your kid’s school deal with school supplies? 

I’ve linked kleenex below in case you’re in need, but we still need to get some indoor shoes. I’d love any suggestions on where to buy reasonably priced kids shoes!

Shop this post … 

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EDIT 2020: I’ve added our new favourite lunch box container, the YumBox. They are an investment, but what I love about it is that it does not leak and my daughter can open it herself. We bought one near the end of Kindergarten because she kept coming home with her lunch box open and the leftovers all over the place. Also, due to COVID-19, it was even more important that she be able to open and close her lunch containers without help.

How do you get ready for back to school? Do you do any special shopping?

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What are your back to school essentials?