You guys all know I ain’t no beauty blogger and fashion/makeup tutorials are not my forte, BUT I do have to share my latest with you! I’ve been hearing so much about microblading eyebrows and seeing lots of people do it. I love the look and really love the idea of just waking up and having top notch eyebrows no matter how crappy of a day you are having, but honestly, for the longest time I was too chicken to try it. For the most part, I don’t have a shortage of eyebrow hair, but they are uneven, a little over plucked towards my nose (who’s aren’t?) and a little patchy in spots. It does bother me, which is why I have coloured them in at times and also why I wanted to do something with them! 

But still, I was scared to get it done. What if they were super dark and huge and I looked like a clown, as my husband said? What if I didn’t like it and I was stuck with them for years? What if they looked very unnatural? What if it hurt a lot?

Then a friend told me about nanoblading. Have you heard about it? Nanoblading is similar to microblading, but it uses nano needles that look more like the size of hair. This also allows nano brows to look more natural, something that was important to me. Microblading uses a blade and is typically more painful as it causes more trauma to the skin and has a longer healing process, from what I’ve heard. Although I was still nervous, I decided to give it a try with Katherine at the The Iconic Beauty Bar in Smithers, BC. 

Here’s a before pic!

The Iconic Beauty Bar

I couldn’t have picked a better person to have done my brows! Honestly, Katherine was amazing! When she’s not doing brows she’s nursing in the O.R. at the hospital so you can be assured she’s good with the instruments and very hygienic! 

When I went in, she explained what was going to happen so as you go along you know where you are at. There is nothing worse then wondering through the whole process when it is going to end or what’s going on, or what’s happening next? 

Once your brows are mapped out (the shape is drawn) you also get the opportunity to comment on the shape and adjust if need be. I kept thinking she’d just do her thing and I wouldn’t see until the end, but it’s not like that at all! You can see the mapping in the photo below. Photo Credit @theiconicbeautybar.

I was also prepared for it to be painful, but it wasn’t! There were a few spots where it was a bit uncomfortable, but I would not go as far to say that it was painful. 

As for how long it took, I can’t quite remember, but I think it was about 2 hours. It didn’t feel that long.


Here’s a before right after treatment and then a before and after pic so you can compare. Photo Credit @theiconicbeautybar


Halloween was a couple days after I had my brows done and I was worried I’d look like a clown, but that’s so far from the truth! Here’s a photo on Halloween, dressed up as a Unicorn and two days post nanoblading. 

Katherine will give you a sheet to take home that outlines what to expect for the weeks following your brow treatment. I believe it’s around day four where she suggests to apply the lotion she provided and at this time I did notice they were getting itchy. It was a bit irritating for about a day, but the lotion helped and it passed. This is part of the healing process. 

As for the colour, they start out dark, go lighter and then it will go back to the normal colour. I am now a couple days shy of three weeks past treatment and this is how they look. I sure do LOVE THEM! It’s so nice waking up and getting ready and feeling a little more put together on days where I don’t wear any makeup. I’m also no fashion expert so I like having a bit of a guide for when I do need to pluck my brows. Perhaps this is why they were so uneven, lol! 

If you’re on the fence about it, I say, get it done! Yes, it is a bit of an investment, but it will save you time from colouring them in and if your brows bother you then you’ll feel so much better having it done! I also highly recommend Katherine at the Iconic Beauty Bar. I didn’t know her before my appointment and she was lovely and really good at what she does! 

At the very least, check out her Instagram page and you can see all the before and after pics! @theiconicbeautybar

Fall Special

Now is also a great time to book because they have a Fall Special on AND it’s right before the holiday season! Make your brows one less thing you have to worry about! And if you do book, let Katherine know Sew Bright sent you!

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Have you ever had microblading or nanoblading done? I’d love to hear about your experience!

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