It seems like there are a million gift guides everywhere you look right now, but I wanted to share with you guys a few of the things that I’ve purchased as well as a couple other things I’d love to purchase, all from Etsy! There ain’t no 100 items on this list, just a few special products that I really love!

For each item, I’ll make sure to let you know if it’s something I have, or would love to have.

1. Little Touch of Love

I can’t get enough of these rainbows! I teamed up with Tia from Little Touch of Love on one of my weekly giveaways and when my daughter saw the rainbow she wanted to keep it so bad! Because I loved it too, I ended up purchasing a mini one for our Christmas Tree. Tia was so kind and also sent one for myself! Although we don’t have them up yet (they’ll be in our stockings) I snapped the above photo to show you how gorgeous they are! They come in all sizes, have a look HERE. I love that you can pick your colours too!

I also adore the macrame Christmas onaments she made! I don’t have any myself, but still think they are gorgeous! Have a look HERE.

2. AMK Designs Shop

Although I don’t have anything from this shop yet, I can sure tell you that I want pretty much everything! The wooden dolls are my favourite though, I mean, how adorable?! I love the angel, but the mom and baby sets are pretty darn cute too!

3. Brook Drabot Glass

Smoothies are a hit in our house and although I am not a straw person, a little someone in the house is! We rarely have straws, unless they are extras from restaurants, so I thought it would be fun, and more sustainable, to purchase a few of our own. It may have been smarter to go with metal, but I couldn’t resist these beautiful glass ones! Do you think we’ll break them? We’re pro glass cups around here so I’m hopeful they’ll last a really long time! I also really love the colours and the fact they come with a brush for cleaning. You can check them out HERE.

4. Wildfolk Clothing

As you can tell from the photo I own and love this sweatshirt from Wildfolk Clothing. It is organic cotton and bamboo and seriously SO SOFT. I’m wearing a medium here and I would say it is a bit big as the sizing is unisex, so if you wanted it more fitted I would suggest sizing down. They also have to cutest t-shirts for adults and kids. My favourites are the rainbow ones kids ones, you can check them out HERE

Also pictured is the Camel Sew Bright Ladies Beanie. Get yours HERE, there are several other solid coloured options HERE!

5. Unique by Kim Designs

I was so excited to see a friend of mine from Saskatchewan start up a new jewelry making business. Although I don’t always wear earrings I do enjoy having a variety and being able to change up my outfit with different earrings. I purchased these blush Braided Leather Faux Earrings earlier this fall and absolutely love them. They are super light weight, well made and affordably priced! Make sure to check them out HERE and browse the rest of her shop too! Next on my list are the leopard cork ones!

6. TK Clothing Victoria 

Last Christmas we bought my daughter a merino wool base layer set and it was well worth the money. I’m glad we sized up because it still fits this year. She often has a hard time fitting pants because of a small waistline, but this set fits great and it is super warm. When you live in northern BC or any cold climate for that matter, it pays to have winter gear that keeps you warm! The print we have is sold out, but this one HERE is the same style. 

Want to purchase on Etsy but not sure where to start? Check out Etsy’s new Gift Guides!

There is one for HER, HIM, KIDS and more!

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