In light of the current pandemic (COVID-19) and recommendation to be self isolating and social distancing, I thought I’d share some blog posts that might give you some ideas of things to do at home, or outside. Living in Northern BC I am so thankful that we don’t experience crowds and line ups on a day to day basis and when we go outside, we are surrounded by trees, not people, but even so, we are doing our part to follow current health recommendations. 

1. Make a Leprechaun Trap

This has been a really fun tradition for us. It’s quick, inexpensive and SUPER FUN! We will be putting ours together at some time today! Click HERE for a full blog post to give you some inspiration!

2. Shoe House

This is a fun half day (or few hour) adventure from Smithers. You don’t have to go in, in fact I don’t even remember if we went in, but you can view from your vehicle or outside. There was nobody around when we went!

If your kids like to nap in the car, it’s also a great thing to do on one of those tough days when you just need them to sleep! You can read more about the Shoe House and how to get there on a previous blog post of mine, just click HERE.

3. Take Out & Movie Night

If I could, I’d order Skip the Dishes, turn on some Netflix or Disney + and enjoy a fun movie night with my girl. We don’t have Skip The Dishes, but there is always take out or delivery! Another good option is Hello Fresh! You can check out my Hello Fresh review HERE.

4. Get Outside

Even though it is important to keep to yourself, it doesn’t mean you can’t find some open space outside! At least here in the north that definitely isn’t an issue! Click HERE for a few tips on enjoying your time outside with little ones. 

5. Cleaning / Organizing

Now is a great time to get some extra cleaning or organizing done in your house. Click HERE for a fun printable to help you get going. 

6. YouTube

We all know you can find anything and everything on YouTube. Our favourite new thing is the Kid’s for Art Hub. It’s a super fun step by step drawing tutorial and my five year old absolutely loves it! I also enjoy doing it with her too. Click HERE to check it out!

Another fun YouTube thing is yoga for kids. There are so many options and I think it’s a good alternative to just watching TV!

7. Troll Grass Head

Looking for something inside to do? Why not make a troll grass head?! Or make it into any animal you’d like. Click HERE to read how we made ours. 

These are just a few ideas to hopefully keep you going! More then I ever, I think now is a time to enjoy our families and loved ones and be grateful for the simple things in life. 

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