Although Easter may look different for a lot (or most) people this year, we are doing our best to maintain some sort of normalcy for our 5 year old. For us, one thing that means is having an Easter Basket. The past couple years we really scaled back on what was in the basket and this year will be no different. It doesn’t have to be elaborate to be memorable! Even just having one thing can be special. In case some bunny is struggling with ideas this year, I thought I’d share some Sew Bright Easter inspo with you! And as always, alll the shopping below can be enjoyed within the comfort of your own home! If you’re local, use code SMITHERS for contactless pick up 🙂 Details will be sent once your order is ready!

In this blog post I’m sharing some Sew Bright Easter ideas as well as a couple of things I remember getting as a child that were always favourites. 

Sew Bright Easter Inspo

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1. Turban style headbands available via direct message -> | 2. Bunny Bandana Bibs | 3. Skipping Rope, Green or Pink | 4. Pink Headband |5. Organic Cotton Dress |6. Pink Beanie |7. Heart Hair Clips available as an add on item with the purchase of a dress | 8. Bunny Bags | 9. Linen Dresses, Pink or Purple or click HERE for other dress options | 10. Bandana Bibs | 11. Hair Bows available as an add on item with the purchase of a dress | 12. Oatmeal Beanie | 13. Sidewalk Chalk  | 14. Bunny Bags  | 15. Hair Bows available as an add on item with the purchase of a dress | 16. Little Gentleman Attire – Bow Tie & Suspender Set

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Here are the Amazon links, the Sew Bright Creations products are linked above, or you can browse them HERE in my Etsy shop. 

Here’s a few non food ideas for Easter Egg stuffers + plastic eggs at the end in case you need to stock up! The great thing about these is they can be reused every year. 

How are you celebrating Easter this year?

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