I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for something bright around my house! Whether or not spring is going to show up, I am bringing spring to me!

I’m not a huge home decorator, I keep waiting for that one day when we renovate our main living area, then maybe I’ll get a few nice things. So until our home is ready for some nice decor, my favourite place to decorate is our front porch. It’s fun changing it up for the seasons and it’s the one area that manages to stay how it was decorated… with the exception of the random sticks and rocks that often end up in a pile by the door because they ain’t coming in my house! 

I’m sharing below a few things that I’ve brightened my front porch up with and also a few things I’d like to have! Hopefully it gives you some inspiration to decorate too, because it’s fun 🙂

My front porch

As you can tell, it’s the year of the tulip for me. I just love how colourful they are, especially after a gloomy winter! I was first drawn to this door mat I purchased from Amazon, and then I ordered the wreath and sign to match. The wreath is handmade from Rustic Wreath Co and the sign is handmade from Prairie Lily Designs, both amazingly talented momma makers! 

More Inspo

Here’s a few more ideas! Click on any of the blue writing for direct shopping links. For Amazon links, click the images at the bottom of the post to shop. 

1. Door Mat 2. Plant Hangers 3. Hand painted tulip sign from Prairie Lily Design, a Saskatchewan mama maker 4. Handmade Wreath from Rustic Wreath Co (it is even more gorgeous in person, this mama maker is located in Manitoba and has the most beautiful wreaths). 5. Artificial Potted Plants (I have this set and really love it, they are super cute and can easily be placed on different shelves or locations to switch up the look). 6. Basket (I don’t have this one, but it is sure on my list. Would be perfect for blankets in the living room, ours are always a mess!). 

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