This is one of my all time favourite DIYs! It really is something that anyone can do, it is inexpensive and I love how unique they are! A friend and I made these many moons ago (when we were in elementary or high school, I can’t even remember)! I’ve made them a couple times since, but it has been at least a decade. When we moved into our current house over 3 years ago and I saw the giant rhubarb come up in the spring, I knew I had to make more. I have since relocated and downsized our rhubarb, but it was still plenty big enough for this project!  

Everything you need to know to make these yourself is in the video below. Make sure to watch the full video for all the tips!

One thing I would add is to make sure to use clean gravel when mixing your Portland cement. I used a 1:3 ratio, so one shovel full of Portland cement to 3 shovel fulls of gravel. Keep everything wet when mixing, you don’t want to breathe any cement dust in, you could even wear a dust mask if you are concerned. Ideally your gravel should be a mix of sand and rock, however I just got some bucket fulls at a local gravel pit …if there is too much “dirt” in it, the concrete will eventually start to crumble, but if done properly, the stones will last MANY years. The ones in the photo below are over 20 years old! I love how the moss is growing in the veins. If you don’t have access to gravel, you could just use Redi-Mix and add water only. This is a mixture of gravel and cement, which makes concrete when water is added (cement + gravel + water = concrete). 

When you’re mixing it, make sure it is thoroughly mixed. There should be no dry pockets and it should be the consistency of a thick muffin batter.

Here’s the video! Also – don’t forget to subscribe to my new YouTube channel for more of my DIY tutorials!

Any questions! Let me know in the comments!

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Would you rather eat the rhubarb? Here’s a few recipes you might enjoy! Just click on the photo to check them out. 

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I’m including these links for some ideas on different supplies , however I would suggest using what you have on hand! For the wire, you can use any scrap pieces of metal or wire mesh. You might even be able to ask a farmer friend if they have some scrap pieces. 


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