After a year of the green, gender neutral room, it was time for a pretty pink little girls room! I waited for my husband to leave town for work, then I ripped apart the spare room only to surprise him with more work when he got home 🙂 I can’t say that he was overly impressed, but I was pretty proud of my paint job 😛

I was inspired by Dreamcatcher and Feather fabric line by Timeless Treasures, which led to many (too many) hours on Pinterest and a pink and grey theme! Because of my mad rush to get going when my husband wasn’t home, I neglected to take a true “before” photo, but this gives you an idea. The room was originally light brown with a dark brown old fake oak closet door. That was a first thing to get ripped out and taken straight to the dump! Keep reading to see all the photos.

Next up was the furniture. Why is it so hard to find simple wood dressers and night tables? And I mean real wood, not that chip board that you can’t nicely refinish.  After hours of searching, I managed to find these two beauties. The dresser was from a neighbour and the night table from the local buy and sell group, they were the perfect size and style for my next project.
All paint for the dressers and room was purchased from Cloverdale Paint in Saskatoon. The young lady there was super helpful!
And here are the dressers, finished with glass handles from Creekside Antiques in Delisle, SK. Yes, because every toddler needs to have glass handles on their furniture… I know, but I couldn’t resist!
Read more HERE on how I made the bedding. The toddler bed was another buy and sell score (ya, that’s how I roll!), but I think it was originally from Toys R Us. It fits a crib sized mattress and has worked great for us so far. The art work above the bed I made at an Uppercase Living Project Party hosted by Tiffany Possberg. The light above the bed is from Walmart. I love the look of this light, but when you plug it in, the cord hangs down and for several reasons, I prefer not to have a dangling cord plugged in so we really don’t use it. Defiantly looking for suggestions for a toddler safe lamp!


This wall is my favourite! The matching ombre laundry basket, diaper basket and some of the picture frames are from Home Sense and the other frames are from Winners. The letter “E” was made using matching fabric scraps. Click HERE for my free tutorial.

The canvas with 12 months of our girl was printed by Don’s Photo and the amazing drawing of my girl done by my beautiful and talented niece! Check her out on Instagram @sjd_art. The birth announcement sign is one of my favourite baby gifts! A friend gifted us this lovely keepsake.

Below is a close up another super fun, EASY and QUICK DIY Little People shelf. Anyone else have a slight obsession with Little People? We made this shelf using a utensil holder from the Dollar Store. Find the tutorial HERE from The DIY Mommy. The WISH decal is another Upper Case Living design from Tiffany.

Here is a close up of some more sweet decorations. The wooden feather block was also made using my free fabric scrap tutorial HERE. Did you know I also give away fabric scraps? Check out the listing here on Etsy or if you are local, just email me at [email protected].

I love to bring back a little treasure from all of our trips, even the small ones. The “Always Kiss Me Goodnight” block was purchased from Country & Co Home Decor, while visiting my husband when he was working in Weyburn, SK and the “Be Kind” block was purchased from Solitude & Soul, while visiting a friend in Regina. It is made by Cedar Mountain Studios on Saltspring Island.

The crocheted doilies and little Cherished Teddy Bear were my Gramma’s. I can distinctly remember buying her that sweet little bear for her birthday when I was in high school. Such sweet memories <3 And we can’t forget Dolly Parton. This book was a special gift that I know my daughter will cherish for years to come. You definitely need to read it if you haven’t already!

Here is a close up of some more sweet decorations. The wooden feather block was also made using my free fabric scrap tutorial HERE. And that’s a wrap! A DIY Toddler Room for little girls.

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