Baby wearing has been a life saver for me! Although it’s not an everyday thing for my 6.5 month old now, I wore him most days as a newborn and the times I do wear him, it’s VERY helpful! There are many benefits to baby wearing, which I’ll leave to the experts to explain, but if you haven’t tried it and have a fussy baby or are struggling to get some tasks done with your baby, I highly suggest giving it a try! 

There are SO MANY baby carriers out there, different styles, brands and types, it can be very overwhelming if you don’t know where to start, especially when it comes to wrapping or tying them. Now that I’ve had almost 7 months of trial and error, I wanted to share an honest review of my four baby carriers, so here we go!


I’ll start with the one I’ve had the longest. I had this one for my daughter and absolutely LOVED it! We got it when she was about 6 months old and I always wished I had it when she was a newborn. We used it until she was just over 3. Yes, that’s right…I wore my 3 year old on my back and loved it (keep in mind she was not a big 3 year old). Now with my son, I was able to try it out when he was newborn. 

My favourite use for this carrier is for back carry when trying to get house chores done or while doing tasks that require you to use your hands.

Here’s my thoughts on the Tula – Standard sized baby carrier


  • It’s easy to use (no tying required).
  • You can wear on the front (baby facing inside) or on your back. I always find back carry easier when they are older.
  • It can be used from newborn into toddler years (although I do recommend the newborn insert).
  • Washes up great.
  • The patterns are super fun (yes, I’m a sucker for fun funky fabric).


  • The standard size does require an infant insert to fit better (although they do make grow with me ones now that don’t require the insert).
  • It is a bit bigger to carry in a diaper bag then other options.
  • It can be tricky to do up the buckles by yourself (I am able to do it, but it’s not as easy as others I find).
  • It is more expensive than other models, however I do think it’s a worthwhile investment and resale is good. You can click here to check out all the options.

The photo on the left is with the insert at about a month old.  The right is without the insert at about 3 months old. 


This one was all new to me for our second baby, but I was really excited to try it out because babies just look so comfy in them! I used it quite a bit for the newborn days, not as much from months 3-5, then about 6 months a friend showed me how to use it with baby on my hip and I fell in love all over again!

It has been a go to for doing errands out and about. I do find I still use one hand around him while baby is on my hip, but I like that it is really easy to pop him in and out of it, so it’s great to leave in the car for running quick errands.


  • It’s simple and lightweight. No buckles. 
  • It’s quick to put on (once you know how).
  • It’s easy to throw in a diaper bag or leave in the car and doesn’t take up a ton of room. 
  • There are multiple ways to wear it, which is great for different ages. 
  • The linen fabric is beautiful. 
  • It is reasonably priced.
  • It’s handmade by a Northern BC, momma! You can check her shop out HERE or find her on Instagram @wilder_goods.


  • It requires some practice to use. I watched several YouTube videos and also had help from a friend. Once you get the hang of it, it’s no problem, but it does require some practice. 
  • I find I still use one hand for supporting baby at times so I don’t use it when I need to completely use both hands. This could just be how I am wearing it. 

Photo on the left is 2 days postpartum (I can’t believe he was really that small, cue the waterworks) and the right was 6 months, worn on my hip, helping momma in her shop!


This one was another new to me one for our second baby. I used it the most for the newborn days. The stretchy fabric is so soft, it was really cozy to wear. 

My favourite use for this carrier is for the newborn days. 


  • It’s simple and lightweight. No buckles.
  • It’s easy to throw in a diaper bag or leave in the car and doesn’t take up a ton of room.
  • It’s ideal for newborn days and can be worn hands free.
  • The fabric is very soft and comfortable.
  • It is reasonably priced.
  • It’s made by a Vancouver, BC company! You can check their shop out HERE.


  • It requires some practice to use. I watched several YouTube videos. A friend gave me a tip that really helped, which was to to pull it super tight when you do the criss cross part. It will feel uncomfortably tight and then put baby in and it will be comfy again. Once you get the hang of it, it’s no problem, but it does require some practice. 
  • It takes a few minutes to put on, which wasn’t ideal for me for doing errands if you have a lot of stops and have to put it on and off several times. Around the house or just a couple stops was fine. 
  • It is more limited for how long it can be used. While I do see some people with older babies use them, I don’t find it is as comfortable for me now that my son is almost 7 months. 


A friend recently lent this one to me so I haven’t had as much practice with it, but I can definitely share my initial thoughts! So far I have been loving it for hiking or walking on snowy roads/trails. It is lighter than I thought it would be.

I can see this one being my favourite for hiking and also the most comfortable for my husband. The Tula doesn’t fit him that great (it’s a bit small). 


  • It’s easy to use.
  • It has a cover and extra pouches for snacks. Always need snacks.
  • Can be worn easier by larger sized people, like my husband. 
  • Baby can be in it while pack is on the ground; it stays upright. 
  • Grows with child. Can be used for toddlers and smaller children too. 
  • Very supportive. 


  • It takes up a lot of room and is big and clunky. Great for hiking, but not something you’d want to use around the house or for grocery shopping or doing errands, in my opinion! 
  • Limited in its application due to its size, however if you spend a lot of time hiking and adventuring outdoors then it might be right for you.
  • It is costly. I would recommend buying second hand or borrowing from a friend if it isn’t in your budget. I often see them on our local buy and sell here.
I hope you enjoyed this review!

I’d love to know if you have a favourite baby carrier?

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