It’s Week 2 of the One Room Challenge and our back entrance renovation is well under way! Lots of demo happening, keep reading to what we’ve ripped apart! FYI, ORC = One Room Challenge, you’ll see this acronym a lot over the next 8 weeks!

Click the following links to see my past One Room Challenge complete room transformations! When you have really crappy before photos, it makes the after one’s look even better 😉


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First, let’s talk about what the One Room Challenge is. Have you heard of it? It’s a biannual event that is held every spring and fall. Anyone with a blog, Instagram or TikTok account is welcome to join the fun. It goes over 8 weeks and each week you share an update on your room. It’s a fun way to connect with other like minded people and be able to encourage each other through all the ups and downs of renovating! I highly encourage you to check out all the other participants HERE.

Before Photos of our back entrance

PROJECT GOAL: Make this space bright, neutral and functional so we have storage and organization for jackets, shoes board games and kid stuff. We have a lot of morning light that comes through the windows and we want that light to transfer through the house.

One Room Challenge, Sew Bright Creations, DIY Home Renovation
One Room Challenge, Sew Bright Creations, DIY Home Renovation

Week 2 Renovation Progress

By the end of Week 2, we removed the drywall on one side of the main wall in the house, with hopes to progress on replacing this wall with posts and a beam. We also removed the small closet, which was the original kitchen pantry in the house. This room was actually the original kitchen, so small! We also filled holes in the drywall to repair it and prep for sanding. 

Here’s a few photos. One thing that surprised me was the amount of extra light that is coming through the house now that the pantry has been removed. I can’t wait to get rid of that wall and have all the light enter our living room in the morning. We have a building inspector coming this week so hopefully we’ll get some more answers on how to proceede with the wall removal. 

Click HERE for the Instagram Video and HERE for the TikTok Video.

One Room Challenge, Sew Bright Creations, DIY Home Renovation

Back Entrance Renovation Costs

This is where I keep track of all the costs! Check back each week so how much this One Room Challenge is costing us!

  • -$30, sold a coat rack on the buy and sell
  • $75 Building Permit Application


I’ve sourced a rug and a built in storage unit, but still need to source lighting and a dog crate and soon we’ll have to think about new flooring.

Here’s the plan for our Back Entrance One Room Challenge

Woot woot, we’re ahead of schedule! 

  • Week 1: Plan & clear out room DONE
  • Week 2: Remove trim, remove drywall on main house wall and demo old pantry DONE
  • Week 3: Mud and sand walls to prep for painting
  • Week 4: Remove tile floor
  • Week 5: Wash walls, prime and start painting
  • Week 6: Finish painting and put up new window trim
  • Week 7: New lighting and storage unit
  • Week 8: Touch ups, decor and reveal!!

Whatcha think? Seems pretty simple, right? Yeah… no renovation ever is, especially with an older home, but whatever I get into, I’ll share it here in a weekly recap and over on Instagram

Here’s my inspiration! Still sourcing a dog crate that isn’t an eye store, rug and deciding on lighting. Soooo not sure how much is really planened!

So far I haven’t purchased anything, however I am working with two brands on a couple of aspects of this home renovation and I’m very grateful for these opportunities.

Any questions! Let me know in the comments!

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