Sometimes it’s the simplest things that lead to the greatest joy. This cardboard box was the start of our Lemonade Stand, which led to participating in Lemonade for Wishes and raising $500 for Make-A-Wish Saskatchewan. We even made it on Global Saskatoon – all because of a microwave box that we kept from helping our Grandpa move.



Cardboard Box for Lemonade Stand - DIY Lemonade Stand
Follow our easy steps to make your own {DIY} Lemonade Stand and read about how we donated to Make-A-Wish. Don’t forget to watch our fun video too!

How to Make a Lemonade Stand from a Cardboard Box

What you’ll need

  • large cardboard box
  • wrapping paper tubes x 2
  • hot glue gun & glue sticks
  • paint
  • duct tape or clear packing tape
  • fabric scraps & ribbon for banner
  • white paper
  • scissors

Follow These Easy Steps

  1. Turn the box onto its side with the open part at the back. Cut 3 pieces off the back (open part) of the cardboard box leaving the top flap, which will be folded underneath.
  2. Place one of the cardboard wrapping paper tubes on top of the stand, at the back corner and trace around it. Do this one each back corner and cut out the circle. Score about 1/2 inch down from the back flap, across lengthwise in order to fold the flap underneath. Fold the flap underneath and tape in place. Place each tube into place (it sits on the flap that was folded underneath the top) and glue into place with the glue gun.
  3. Cover one of the flaps in paper for the sign. Tape the paper together at the back. You could also paint it. Paint on it what you’d like your sign to say. We also added some lemons. Using the glue gun, secure across the top of the wrapping paper tubes.
  4. Using white paint (we just used leftover latex paint from a bedroom), paint the entire stand.
  5. Once dry, add any additional decorations with paint – we added yellow stripes using acrylic paint.
  6. To decorate with a fabric banner, cut triangles from fabric and glue to ribbon. You can get fabric scraps from my Etsy shop HERE. The scrap pieces are small, but if you include that is is for a banner we will try to include some larger pieces, depending on availability.
  7. Add any additional decorations and you’re ready!


How to Make a Lemonade Stand from a Cardboard Box - DIY Lemonade Stand

How to Donate Profits to a Charity

After making our Lemonade Stand, we heard about Lemonade for Wishes, which is hosted by Make-A-Wish Saskatchewan. Make a Wish grants wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy.

Make-A-Wish supplied the lemonade and cups and all proceeds were donated to Make-A-Wish to grant wishes to kids with life threatening conditions. We loved the idea so much, we decided to expand our Lemonade Stand to include a garage sale and Sew Bright Creations sale. All money raised from the Lemonade Stand, garage sale and profits from the Sew Bright sale were donated to Make-A-Wish Saskatchewan.

Watch our video, which includes the segment from Global! I can recall watching Global News as a teenager and commenting on how depressing and negative the news always seemed. Why is it that the negative and sad news stories seem to get the most attention? I can even remember one day watching the news with my family and thinking about all the great things that were happening in our community and wondering why the happy stories didn’t seem to get noticed. So in a way, I feel like I got a wish come true in being able to share a positive story with the Global world.

We were amazed by the support and generosity! Sew Bright Creations donated $90 and all together we raised $500 for Make-A-Wish Saskatchewan! 

Thank you to everyone who donated and helped make our fundraiser a success!

Lemonade for Wishes - Blue Lemonade
These cuties had their fair share of lemonade!! Huge thanks to my niece, nephew, sister and mother in law for helping out!

These hair ties were a top seller & all profits were donated to Make-A-Wish! Get yours HERE.  

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Want to upgrade your lemonade stand? You could sell some cool treats! Why not try our Edible Ice Cream Bowl Recipe or Watermelon Popsicle Recipe!!

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