We went back to basics and tried our hand at dying Easter Eggs with natural colours. I had great plans to share a recipe with you, however as usual, life happened and I decided to just wing it! I searched on Pinterest, but after getting distracted several times, I gave up on on actually reading the full recipes.

We made 5 colours using red onion, red cabbage, tea, turmeric and spinach. For each, we put in 1-2 cups water, the food item/spice, 1-3 tbsp vinegar and a pinch of salt. Brought it to a boil then placed it in a glass jar to sit. We left them until after lunch and nap which was about 3 hours. The spinach and cabbage ones I did simmer for about 5 min each.

Once completely cool, we strained most of the solids out and placed back into the jars.

We had to let the eggs soak for a good 10-20 minutes, but eventually the colour came through! Did anyone else colour eggs the natural way? Share your photos with #sewbrightcreations and tag us!

Happy Easter Everyone!

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