Did you think wallpaper was a thing of the past? Well, if you’re my dad, you might still think so, but I’m here to tell you it’s back and better than ever! There are so many different kinds too! Peel and stick removable definitely seems like something I would like to try! I wanted to do wallpaper in a bathroom so I chose Non-Pasted (I had to glue it myself) Traditional Pebble Wallpaper because it is mildew, mold and moisture resistant. I’m so glad I picked this kind, it went up well and is super durable, I’m really impressed with the quality. I purchased it from Spoonflower, however the design was custom made by Wing Made Home and it was gifted to me. I’m so in love with it, what do you think?

I included all the details in the video below, so how about I let you get right into it! Oh, one thing I forgot to mention is on the edges where the wallpaper meets the white painted wall I am going to run a bead of caulking down it, just to make the lines extra clean and ensure no moisture enters from the sides. I may also do this on the edges around the box that was wallpapered in. 

Check back in a week (ish) to see how I finish the board and batten below! 

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