This post is sponsored by LDH Scissors Canada, however the opinions and photos are of Sew Bright Creation’s. 

Before we get into this review, I want to share with you how this review came about because it’s important to me that YOU know the back story of my partnerships. 

After a friend recommended them, I reached out to LDH Scissors Canada on Instagram @ldh_scissors (spoiler alert: you might as well go ahead and follow them). They sent me three pairs of scissors to test out  One Piece Thread Snips, the Soft-handled Craft Scissors and the 10″ Midnight Edition Fabric Shears. After I had a chance to try them all out, LDH asked if I wanted to do a review of them and I said YES. Keep reading to see why!

One Piece Thread Snips: LDH Scissor Review

Let’s start with the smallest because I’m short. I thought I tested these thread ships out really well after sewing a stack of Sew Bright Scarves, but I put them to the ultimate test when I made Poppa Sew Bright’s Halloween costume. Did you see it? We dressed up as the Addams Family and he was cousin IT. This meant for LOTS of thread trimming (see photo below)! The thread snips were on the kitchen table and both my parents commented on how slick they were! They are sharp and cut very easily when you press down. They require little strength to use them which is great for small hands, old hands, over used hands, arthritic hands and tired hands (like mine)!

I like that they don’t have the hole to put your finger in to operate. Makes them great for quick hands and big hands.

They are easy to pick up, hold, use, they cut really well and they are an awesome price point! I was thinking everyone (in my family) needs these in their stockings this year! 

Click HERE to check out the One Piece Thread Snips!

LDH Scissor Review | Fabric Scissors Canada
LDH Scissor Review | Fabric Scissors Canada

6.5″ Soft-handled Craft Scissors

I have already used these ones SO MUCH! I’ve been doing a lot of crafting with felt lately and they are absolutely perfect for cutting felt! If you’ve ever cut with felt you know that you need SHARP scissors. I wasn’t able to use my old craft scissors because they just didn’t cut it 😉 See what I did there, haha!

All puns aside, I am super happy with how well the craft scissors cut, they are lightweight and comfortable. The handles are soft, they fit my hands perfectly and really are a great overall craft scissor! Again, the price point is great. Another amazing gift for the crafter in the family. 

I put the Craft Scissors to the test when I made this Felt Succulent Garden as a fundraiser for our local Art Gallery. I spent HOURS cutting felt and had no issues! And then….I spent another couple hours cutting felt to make these owls at Girl Guides. Yes, I cut little pieces to make 17 of these owls! Aren’t they cute though? Again, NO ISSUES. Super comfortable, clean cuts, a great scissor! 

Click HERE to check out the 6.5″ Soft-handled Craft Scissors.

LDH Scissor Review | Fabric Scissors Canada
LDH Scissor Review | Fabric Scissors Canada
LDH Scissor Review | Fabric Scissors Canada

10″ Midnight Edition Fabric Shears: LDH Scissor Review

Did you see me unbox these on Instagram? It was such an amazing surprise to see that LDH engraved them for me! IN MY FONT!! I’ll get into the customization later, but first, let’s chat function. I put the fabric shears to the test cutting a stack of Sew Bright Scarves. I felt this was a good way to really test them out because cutting with minky is no joke. You can definitely tell the different in quality scissors once you start cutting with minky and these ones were SO SMOOTH, SO SHARP and comfortable to use! As to be expected, they are heavier than the craft scissors, but it’s because they are really good quality. These are the type of scissors that you invest in now, you will have for years and pass them down to future generations. Actually, it’s kinda cool to think about these scissors being passed down to my children with the engraving on them. This truly is special. 

The fabric shears come in different options, but you all know how I feel about black. IN LOVE. It makes them look so sharp. Oh no, here we go with the puns again… Mine are the painted handle, but there is an option to get a rubber handle. I think next time I may opt for the rubber handle (rubber is warmer and I have cold hands), BUT having said that, typically metal things last longer so either way you can’t go wrong! 

Again, another great product and great price (I have paid a lot more for fabric shears and these are much better quality)!

You can get custom engraving on shears and snips! You pick what you want and you can pick the font too. What a super thoughtful gift that would be! Read more about the engraving HERE.

Click HERE to check out the 10″ Midnight Edition Fabric Shears.

LDH Scissor Review | Fabric Scissors Canada
LDH Scissor Review | Fabric Scissors Canada
LDH Scissor Review | Fabric Scissors Canada

Overall I’m really happy with ALL 3 pairs of scissors. I was trying to think which one I like the most, but I honestly love them all. They each have very specific uses and I am 100 percent the type of person who will only use the scissors for their intended use! 

I absolutely love that LDH is Canadian and I’m grateful for this opportunity to review their product! 

Any questions! Let me know in the comments!

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