As I was writing the title for this blog post, I wrote, “Maternity Photos – Baby #2” and I thought to myself, but this isn’t #2. We have a few (5 actually) angel babies up there. Although they weren’t meant for this Earth and have another purpose, they were still growing within me, even if it was only a short while. It also did not feel comfortable to title this post “Maternity Photos – Baby #7”. Whatever your journey, and however you view it, everyone’s story is different. Although I wish ours were different at times, it’s an ongoing process for me to accept that it is what it is, I cannot change how we got to where we are, but I can change how I feel about it and I can embrace the journey we are on. I write this as my own reminder to accept this journey and be grateful for where we are today. 

I wasn’t sure about maternity photos this time around – I didn’t get them professionally done with my first, although my husband did take some nice photos of me when I was 8 months pregnant, but knowing that this would be it for us I felt like it would be a good thing to capture these memories. We were so fortunate to have a session gifted to us by Ashlee Nadine Photography. Ashlee is an incredibly talented local photographer and momma and we couldn’t be more grateful for the experience. On our way home, at the end of the session, my daughter says, “that was so fun mom, she let me play games and be silly.” That pretty much sums up how we all felt! Believe it or not i feel super awkward when it comes to taking photos, but Ashlee made me totally comfortable! She was also very helpful when it came to outfits. Both dresses were from her client closet, which will soon be available for anyone to rent – so exciting. 

Okay okay, less chatter and more photos right? Here are my favourite picks! It’s hard to choose, so there are a few! 

I also love that we have all these memories captured as a family. Such a special time  – thank you Ashlee!

This post is NOT sponsored, but our session was gifted. The opinions are of Sew Bright Creations’.

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