I’m just past 20 weeks and I’m happy to share that things are BETTER! The nausea, the anxiety and the fatigue has all gotten better! And please don’t say, oh just wait until next month or the month after… don’t you hate it when people say things like that? I am where I am now and I’m here to enjoy it while I can!

As for everything else in the world, well we know that’s pretty volatile due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, but I’m doing my best to focus on things I can control, like taking in this pregnancy as much as possible. I’m just relieved to finally be in a place where I’m not on edge, just waiting for something to go wrong. I wouldn’t say the worry and fear has disappeared 100%, but it has definitely lessened and doesn’t run my day to day life as much. I am not scared to move and have been enjoying walking more and getting out on our bikes. I’m so thankful my daughter motivates us to go on a daily bike ride no matter what the weather is! <although it was pretty dang chilly today> The fresh air and exercise are good for everyone, baby included. 

I didn’t give a complete update for the first three months, but I did share some tips on surviving the first trimester for those dealing with pregnancy after loss. You can read that HERE. For me, the first trimester was full of nausea (a lot of it), anxiety and fatigue. I was scared to move. Scared to wipe after going to the bathroom. Scared to do anything. I had a bleeding scare and another scare that led me to the hospital. Everything worked out, but those moments weren’t easy. So that’s basically my first trimester update, it was hard.  

20 Week Pregnancy Update

1. Cravings

I’ve yet to have any super strong cravings, but I have been eating a lot of fruit lately, especially oranges! Okay I may have finished off a bag of chocolate chips because we don’t have a lot of sweets around … And perhaps that is because anything that is sweet doesn’t last. So maybe it’s safe to say my cravings are all sweet things!

Even though I’m able to eat more foods now, I still tend to keep to plainer things and not as much meat. I’m just happy to be able to eat and keep it down!

2. Baby

Everything is good with baby. For all of you asking, we do not know the gender and are going to keep it a surprise! The baby is very active and I’ve been feeling movement for a few weeks already. Definitely earlier than with my first. I continue to go to my doctors appointments and I am so thankful the clinic has taken extra measures during this time to make things less stressful.

I am also very thankful that I am not in the middle of fertility treatments or in the first trimester when my anxiety was already high. Hopefully by the time this baby is due things will have settled down in our healthcare system (and world) and going to the hospital will not be full of fear!

3. Clothing

When I was pregnant with my first (now 5 year old daughter), I remember being so proud of the fact that I could wear my regular jeans forever! But honestly, who cares! NOBODY! Although maternity clothes are not currently a necessity for me, I have started wearing them because 1. I already have some and 2. they are so much MORE COMFORTABLE! I ain’t proving nothing to anyone these days!  

I saved maternity clothes from my first, I recently bough some second hand and was also gifted a few things from friends so I’ve been lucky to have a selection to choose from! I was also gifted this gorgeous new top, called the Tulip Top from Nest Sprout Maternity, an online shop based out of Prince George, BC. This is a great small shop to support right now, while shopping from the comfort and safety of your own home! I love the fabric, how it hangs so nicely and it is also nursing friendly. I am wearing size medium and would say it fits true to size. It also comes in black and grey, but this blush pink is my favourite!  They have lots of pregnancy and postpartum products, check them out HERE.

I’ve also ordered a few things from Fresh Kids. Have you heard of them? They are an online shop based out of Alberta and sell preloved clothing. If you are missing browsing the thirft stores, this is a great place to do some thrifty shopping. I’ve partnered with them and we are even offering you a 10% OFF COUPON! Use code sewbright at check out to save!! They’ve got a maternity section as well as kids, check it out HERE

They have a good selection and great prices!! My coupon code works for the whole shop and you can use it as many times as you’d like! 


4. Nursery

We have three bedrooms upstairs and the one that is currently the spare room will be turned into the nursery. It has already been renovated so we are currently working on renovating a room in the basement to be the new spare room. Once that is done, we’ll put the nursery together. I have saved so many things from our daughter, I am looking forward to going through it all and organizing it into the nursery. Baby’s have a lot of stuff that takes up a lot of room and being able to organize those boxes that have been sitting in our basement for the past 5 years is something that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, but the time just wasn’t right!

Here’s a few before and progress pictures of the new spare room renovation! Okay, I don’t have many progress pictures yet, but the paint is done and we currently are working on installing a white washed tongue and groove ceiling. 

4. Pregnancy After Loss

Although things have gotten easier, this pregnancy is not the same as my first. The reality of it still hasn’t sunk in most days, the thought of having a newborn still doesn’t seem real, but I continue to take it one day at a time and be grateful for each day. I’m also okay with the fact that this pregnancy is different. I’m okay with the fact that I’m not always super excited about it. Sure I’m excited, but it’s just not the same. When you’ve gone through so much heartache to be where you are I feel like you get a little numbed along the way. I try really hard to not have expectations that I should be feeling a certain way and just take it day by day as it comes. 

I also continue to read and enjoy this book. You can click on the image to check it out.


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